Tiger Lily

Tiger lilies – on a cold cloudy day.  Nothing is actually blooming in the gardens after all the killing frosts we’ve had here…but tiger lilies were one of the flowers I didn’t get to paint this summer – so, I did them today.



Work in progress: Black Swallowtail and Giant Swallowtail – underwings shown.  I’d only known of the tiger swallowtail which is common here in New England.  Then I grew celery and attracted the black swallowtail – they come for parsley, dill, carrot, etc.   Then I planted a ‘gas’ plant (Dictamnus Albus) which is citrus enough to attract the Giant Swallowtail – they come for orange, lemon, etc.  I love all butterflies and moths and keep track of what I see in my field guides.


Gardening Flowers

Some garden inspired illustrations:

I pulled from my inspiration file and found these Anthropologie garden items: wire plant stand and watering can.  So, I built around those. (See pictured are the two brushes I use most: round 6 and liner.)

And, I just loved this little frog from a Birds&Bloom I’d stashed away years ago.  Isn’t he adorable huddled on that hosta bud?!



Travel Paint Set

An old eye-shadow compact makes a great watercolor travel set!  Just take out the eye-shadow and put in tube paints.  There’s even the slot for a travel brush ; )  I like to bring the water brushes though – so easy on the go painting – and I put it all in this little zippered pouch with the cute little gardening boy!


Monarch and Milkweed

The Monarch – I grow milkweed just so that they’ll visit every year.  It’s great to see the chrysalises hiding in the plants ; )   The population has been struggling because farmers spray for the milkweed in the fields…the caterpillars only food source – plant milkweed and save the Monarchs!

Snails 3 of 3


I got an old iron bathtub from a friend and have turned it into a water garden!  I’ve got a white water lily, water hyacinth, and water lettuce.  I did my research, read about snails eating algae and got some at a local stream.

For the winter my snails and tender water plants will live in vases in the sunny window sills.  They seem to be doing well there ; )  They are fascinating creatures to observe!  Next year I’ll stock my bathtub with a betta fish (they eat mosquito larve) and get some pitcher plant, arum, etc…

What I hope my water garden will look like next year:




Snails 2 of 3

The snail meets a wood frog.  They’re perched on fern and mushroom respectively.  Wildflowers of the woods in the background: trillium, wintergreen, anemone, etc.  The snail and frog may become friends since neither one poses a threat to the other – Le Frog and Sir Snail?

Snails 1 of 3


Firstly, I hate slugs – they ate my trillium in the shade garden one year and I’ve never forgiven them – but snails I’ve not had cause to disdain…they’re sort of cute, anyway.  So, the slimy, oozy, earthy subjects of snail and mushrooms are together in this painting of yellows and browns.