Hello, my name is Eva Shorey.  This is my place to journal about my artwork and what inspires me.  You will find a lot of my personal work here, sketchbook pages, project sneak peaks, inspiration, DIY projects, rambles and also bits and pieces of life as a creative, mother, and homemaker.   Thank you so much for visiting!  I was born and live in Maine.  I love the beauty of New England’s rough coastline and woodland wildflowers.  I’m an avid gardener and flower lover.  I’m a wife to a wonderful man and mother to three darling boys.  My favorite hobby is watercolor painting.  I discovered watercolors at a very young age.  Then, when I was 15 I took a class by a lovely lady down in Harpswell.  We would spend classes down at the coast and while everyone else was painting Land’s End and Giant Steps, I was painting the Rugosa Roses that bloomed on the banks above the rocks.  I took a 10 year break from painting with getting married and having children.  Now, I’ve started again – it started with a little idea I had for a birthday card – and the ideas just keep coming ; )






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