Filling the Gap

“It’s only by actually going through a volume of work that you’re actually going to catch up and close that gap – and the work that you’re doing will be as good as your ambitions.” -Ira Glass

The “gap” is when an artist starts out with great taste but can’t quite create the great product – yet!
Don’t doubt that “killer taste” and get through the volume of work until it catches up to your expectations!

Christina’s Roses

My dear friend and pen-pal from Texas, Christina, had her birthday this month.  She likes roses.  I found old English varieties in my flower books and on Pinterest.  Then I created this “bouquet” for her: singles, semi-double flowers, buds and hips…choosing the colors was the hardest part!  I just sent it to her last week.  Happy Birthday Christina!

Flutterbye Kisses

It’s a cold, dreary, rainy day.  The boys are doing their school and I’m doing my laundry.  But, here’s a pretty little painting I finished last night to brighten the day: a giant swallowtail and a black swallowtail.  I started it back HERE.

The black swallowtail visited our garden one year when we planted celery.  They like anything in the dill/carrot/cilantro family.  We enjoyed watching a chrysalis hatch HERE!

The Giant Swallowtail hatched HERE – such beauty in God’s creation and so special to be able to enjoy it up close and personal!