Leaves – Not!

I put the finishing touches on this poster of animals and insects that look like leaves: Children’s stick insect, Dead leaf butterfly, Four horned Sphinx caterpillar, Imperial moth, Stick insect, Indian leaf butterfly, Lamphun leaf insect, Katydid, Longnosed horned frog, and Leaf tail gecko.  This poster is was a birthday present for my oldest boy – he loves all things insect and creepy-crawly related!







Hellebore – Coloring Page

Here’s a free coloring page for you! ; )  I’ve been enoying all the beautiful hellebore pictures on-line.  I planted a couple in my garden, but they haven’t liked their situation…I need to add more organic materials to the soil to help them out!




Spending time today with my favorite books – about wildflowers.  I love flowers, I love gardening, and visit as many gardens as I can over the summer – but it starts with wildflowers – I started my own garden of wildflowers when I was a little girl.  It was set on the banks of a gully with ferns all around – my prize flower was a red trillium.  I had blue bead lily, mayflower, star flower, bunch berry, etc.

My Grandmother gave me her wildflower book years ago.  I used it to identify plants when I went for walks in the woods out behind my parent’s house.  It became so fragile that I now keep it safe on the shelf and instead take a Peterson’s field guide with me on my walks.

So. I did this little painting of a trillium – in remembrance of my first little garden!




Flora or Fauna?

I’ve put down the first washes and a few details for this latest poster I’m working on – insects and animals that look like leaves!  It’s for my oldest son who loves exotic animals and is studying biology in college.


I’m hoping to get this finished for his birthday on February 2nd!



Invitations for Camping

It’s the 10th anniversary of a camping trip we go on with friends every year.  We’re inviting all the people who have come along with us in the past 10 years!  That’s a big group for camping this year!  I made this illustration for the front of the invitations.

(Also available at my Society 6 shop.)



Tea-in-a-Cup DIY Greeting Cards

An easy little project for today: greeting cards with real tea in a teacup!  I printed these teacup sketches onto card stock (you can find similar tea cups HERE),  you can color them with markers or watercolors, then glue them to plain white cards.

I used an x-acto knife to cut a slit in the front of the card, along the edge of the teacup, to insert the tea envelope through.  I secured the tea envelope into the front of the card with a little bit of tape on the inside/backside.



I can write a “get well soon” or “thinking of you”…whatever the occasion calls for!


Inspiring Illustrations

One of my favorite artists is Oana Befort – her work shown above – vibrant, whimsical, and nature inspired.  You can look at her portfolio HERE

Another one that inspires me is Tracy Walker – her illustrations are bold, happy, and colorful.  Here portfolio is HERE

And, I enjoy the life moments depicted by Nikki McClure’s paper cutting.  Her work depicts the daily, real life, precious memories.  Her portfolio is  HERE