Cotman 16 half-pan Sketcher’s Set – Review

I’ve been using this set from Winsor & Newton since I got it new last year.  I love the compact travel size, the variety of colors (I did substitute out a couple of the colors for my own favorites) are adequate for my needs, and it came with a lovely little travel brush – very nice.  As you can see, it has space for a whole other row of half pans (or 4 whole pans).   (The space had been filled with the travel brush an eraser and a pencil.)

The pans are held in place by these dividers, and if I had one more divider I could put in another row of paints – I thought this would be a great idea!  So, I e-mailed Winsor & Newton to see if I could buy one…they don’t sell replacement/extra parts for this set – Boo!

So, I made one myself!  I took a tupperware container and cut off a top edge that would fit in the slots.  I bought empty half pans and put my tube paints in them to fill my row – voila – more space for paint (the other half-pans are still drying).

The half pans I ordered are slightly larger then Cotman’s.  Oh well…it’s still going to work for now…eventually this set will get demoted from my studio set to my field set (when I order a bigger, artist grade set).

Now, to the actual review:  I’ve put hours of use in this set and it has served me well.  It is very good for student grade paints.  I highly recommend this set for any beginner water-colorist.  I am however saving up for a “bigger/better” set because, after a year of painting, I am outgrowing this set – as I paint more, I am growing to expect more from my paints.



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