Laughing Lady

This is on my desk tonight – I wanted to capture a happy moment!  I just watched a video on skin tones and shading, so this is my first attempt with watercolor paints!  Does it make you smile?  We were just listening to the radio on the way home from town and the song “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” was on – love that line about “But don’t worry, be happy ‘Cause when you worry, your face will frown And that will bring everybody down…Put a smile on your face!”


Floral Pattern on Black

My latest project finished: inspired by old botanical themed hooked rugs!  I wanted a more pastel look on the black.  Doing the background color is difficult – so hard to get it painted evenly!  But, it sort of has the chalkboard look to it…anyway, I like it the way it came out ; )


And, it looks great as a throw blanket!  I love this new product picture now with their throw blankets on Society6!  (HERE)



Updating the Studio Space

I’ve been working on updating this little corner of the master bedroom.  I hung my native botanicals in black frames from the dollar store: total $6.  A picked up this desk by the road for free – took off the broken role-top and removed the hardware and gave it a good scrubbing – very sturdy and now room for my things in the drawers!

It fits perfectly in the corner of my room (witness messy bed in foreground) with room for my metal enamel painters table.  The little table holds a bin of my current watercolor journals and paper and a stack of reference books.

I took my husband’s old desk lamp – perfect!  A basket for my pens, pencils, scissors, etc.  Also installed the phone here.  It’s so nice to have it easy to reach when I’m sitting here.

My stack of books includes my favorite old wildflower book that my grandmother gave me.  The Diaries of Edith Holden from my Pen Pal.  Two vintage books on flowers from my mom.   And, a pretty book by Marjolein Bastin.

So, this is my little studio – growing up!  A little more sophisticated with a real desk and some framed artwork ; )


Green Flora

One more for the #12monthsofpaint theme of green this month.  More ferns and hellebore : )  Here’s a hellebore flower I picked from my garden this morning.  They grow like this through the winter under the snow!  So, it’s the first thing blooming in my garden, even before the daffodils and snow-drops!