Updating the Studio Space

I’ve been working on updating this little corner of the master bedroom.  I hung my native botanicals in black frames from the dollar store: total $6.  A picked up this desk by the road for free – took off the broken role-top and removed the hardware and gave it a good scrubbing – very sturdy and now room for my things in the drawers!

It fits perfectly in the corner of my room (witness messy bed in foreground) with room for my metal enamel painters table.  The little table holds a bin of my current watercolor journals and paper and a stack of reference books.

I took my husband’s old desk lamp – perfect!  A basket for my pens, pencils, scissors, etc.  Also installed the phone here.  It’s so nice to have it easy to reach when I’m sitting here.

My stack of books includes my favorite old wildflower book that my grandmother gave me.  The Diaries of Edith Holden from my Pen Pal.  Two vintage books on flowers from my mom.   And, a pretty book by Marjolein Bastin.

So, this is my little studio – growing up!  A little more sophisticated with a real desk and some framed artwork ; )



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