LUKAS – 1862 Aquarell 48 half pan Watercolor Set

Here they are!!!  My new set of watercolor paints!  Artist grade, 48 colors, nice metal folding palette….isn’t it beautiful!!!  Here it is – just pulled out of the box:

I did so much reading online about the different brands of watercolor: Rembrandt, Sennelier, Schmincke, LUKAS, and White Nights.  I watched many review videos and blog posts and compared notes…

Finally, I decided it was either going to be Schmincke or LUKAS…and for the much better price, LUKAS won!  Schmincke was the most favored by illustrators, but, of the things they said were great about Schmincke, were also be said of LUKAS.

They come wrapped and labeled -48 half pans- it took a while just to get all the papers off and the names written down for reference!  I kept the colors arranged just as they came.  I liked how they were sorted out in rainbow order.

I’m really excited about all the extra space for mixing colors and making washes!  Here’s my picture just for pinterest, since they don’t have a nice one on there yet ; )  With all the wrappings off and the pans back in the tray, it’s easy to see all the pans are filled nice and uniform with paint.  I watched a video about how to pop the pans in and out of the tray properly so they fit nice and snug.

And my little color chart!   All the colors behaved beautifully – uniform saturation and brilliance.  No weak or murky colors.  I can’t wait to use them more – so many colors!!!






3 thoughts on “LUKAS – 1862 Aquarell 48 half pan Watercolor Set

  1. It is always great to see artists having pleasure at getting our products. Please share with us your artworks with these watercolors.
    facebook @LukasFarben / Instagram: @Lukas_farben


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