Pink Flowers

I actually made these flowers up – they’re not really anything – maybe loosely based on anemone or hellebore?  I just was having fun with the shapes of petals and leaves and the colors ; )


Polyphemus Moth Illustration

My oldest son brought a Polyphemus moth over for us to observe.  He’d found the cocoon in the fall and it just hatched out ; )  You can see the real moth HERE and HERE over on my homemaking blog.


Violets are in full bloom – they’re the “weeds” in my gardens that I can’t bring myself to pull ; )  They sort of take over, but they’re such happy little flowers!  There’s a Johnny-jump-up and a Silvery Blue butterfly in there too ; )  I thought this might be a fun pattern for fabric/home decor.

Mother’s Day Card

Adventures in Making has a DIY mother’s day card.  Link HERE to make this card for Mother’s Day! I did mine in pinks for my Mom.  We’re going to a public garden on Friday for their wildflower weekend – so excited!  I’ll make a picnic lunch for us and take lots of pictures!