Honey Bee’s Hive

I love all the buzzing friends that come to my gardens!  Honey bees are a favorite, but they all are important pollinators ; )



Snails and Foxglove


I have a love/hate relationship with snails – I love them in my pond to eat the algae.  I hate them in the garden eating my flowers!  But, they’re undeniably cute anywhere with their pretty shells and pedestal eyes!

Foxglove are one of those flowers I treasure for their delicate form and pretty pinks – I wish I could keep them forever under glass!  The little hummingbirds love them too ; )


Nature Journal pg. 3 + 4

5dad2-dsc_1952Spring is full swing and there are more things flowering around the yard: marsh marigold, jack-in-the-pulpit, Canada anemone and wintergreen…and I’ve had goldfinches at my feeders regularly!DSC_5247

I tried to illustrate all the different kinds of ferns commonly found around here: interrupted, cinnamon, wood, bracken, hayscented, sensative, and christmas…there’s just so many more too!



Organizing my Week

This is the BEST weekly planner I’ve ever used!  I love the layout and subject headings; and, it’s a free printable over at Passion Planner!  Life is much more then just a schedule, but without a schedule you don’t always use time to your advantage.  That’s why I like to plan out my week and I like the headings like “this weeks focus” and “good things that happened”.  Of course, my favorite is the “space of infinite possibility”!  I like to count my blessings and take time to just enjoy the life I’m living – making moments of calm and creativity throughout the week so that the appointments, errands, chores, housework, and other scheduled events don’t get overwhelming.



Foxgloves are Blooming

It took me several years to find a spot where the foxglove would grow for me – I have two places where they reseed themselves and are coming up in different shades of pink – so exciting!!!  Foxglove is one of the flowers I’ve always loved.  It has the long graceful neck and dainty trumpet flowers.  It’s also one that the hummingbirds love ; )



Weekend Travel Journal

Almost every year, for our anniversary, My Babe and I go to Bar Harbor for the weekend.  We have our favorite room (with a balcony) in our favorite B+B (Primrose Inn) and we take picnic lunches and tour the pretty gardens on the island together ; )

I put together this little booklet of what we do, where we stay, etc.  It’s a great reference from year to year.  We find new restaurants we like best, the gardens change and grow, and the other activities vary: scenic harbor boat ride, walking on the carriage trails in Acadia, kayaking in the bay, a horse drawn carriage ride through town, etc.

The gardens are the must-see every year: Thuya Terraces, Asticou Gardens, and Acadia Wildflower Gardens.  I’ll be adding the Beatrix Ferrand Home to our list for next time – they’ve just finished the gardens and opened to the public!

I tuck in plant lists, brochures of places we visit, bits of sketches from the gardens, postcards of favorite places, business cards of shops and restaurants, and other highlights from the weekend.  So much inspiration from the gardens – I take lots of pictures ; )


English Garden

I’m calling this floral pattern English Garden.  It reminds me of the traditional cottage garden flowers and the little songbirds, butterflies, bees, and snails that are friends there…and the exotic fruits – for fresh squeezed lemonade while sitting under the arbor.    To name just a few of the items illustrated: violet, snowdrop, soapwort, apple, rose, maple, bell flower, and pea.

I’m picturing this print on cushions for the summer patio furniture ; )