Brain Connection – Opposites Attract

I painted this for my Babe to put up in his office at work – he commissioned it – to illustrate the differences in the left and right sides of the brain.  I’m a creative, flowery, forgetful sort.  He’s a logical, analytical, organized sort.  So, in our marriage the two halves/opposites have daily interaction!

He can appreciate my love for beauty and my open, free (disorganized) way of looking at life.  I bring out the things he’d never thought of before, push him to try new things, and help him find solutions to problems that seem to have no clear answer.  Without me life would be dull and plain.

I appreciate his dependability and his ability to do anything he sets his mind to.  He helps me focus and stay organized so things go smoothly.  He helps me see the reality of a situation and encourages me to think things through in a practical way.  Without him life would fall apart.

We’re the compliments of each other.  Sometimes it’s hard to understand the other person, but we have *fun* working it out and making the connections better ; )

(Our wedding pictures shown the the background)

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