Nature Sketchbook pgs. 1 + 2

I found a little blank book at the thrift store and decided to do a little nature journal for this year.  I take a walk around the property almost every day, so I can sketch the native beauty I see here in this book. DSC_5246 The cover and first page: wood anemone, naturalized violets, phoebe egg, cinnamon fern, grape hyacinth and snowdrops, red maple flowers, and a baby acorn.
DSC_5243The next page in my journal: hummingbird, mushrooms on a stump, phoebe’s nest, budding lady slipper, blue bead lily, indigo bunting, and maple seeds.  The indigo bunting is a new visitor to our yard this year!  I was so excited to see him that I went out the next day and got a bird feeder – he’s been a regular ever since!  Such a pretty bird and so shy.



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