“Clothed in Sunshine”



This is my last illustration for this summer.  I hope this picture is at least worth a hundred words, because I cannot otherwise express how lying in a meadow with the sunshine all around you feels!


Daily Tools



These are my favorite brushes and paper.  I use them the most often – round #1, #3, and #8 brushes with the hot pressed 140lb. paper from Arches.  I like how smooth it is and how well it takes the color.  I’d tried other cheaper papers before finally getting the Arches – such a difference!  The cheaper papers are thinner and pill up or start to peel away with too much brush work…I rarely work my colors on the paper, so that shouldn’t be a problem for me!  I get most of my brushes out of a dollar bin at my local art supply store – I check the bristles to make sure they’re in good shape and have a nice tip – expensive or cheap brushes, it all depends on how it feels on the paper, how it holds the color…money doesn’t seem to be the deciding factor for me.  I have some cheap brushes I love, and some higher end brushes that I use often.  I’m not brand loyal there!





Guitar Pair


I was inspired by my youngest boy – he loves playing guitar and hopes to be a cowboy some day.  He’s been taking lessons for and year and I love to hear him play.  Of course,  I had to put the western themed guitar with a flowery one – me and my love for flowers and birdsong…together they’re a *his and hers* pair!




Hello, it’s another Monday!  It’s a grey, dark, rainy day here today…but it was a beautiful sunny weekend and on Saturday I was in a mood to paint with blues.  Tea with friends – blue birds with bluebells, and a blue pot of tea.  I tried to use every blue in my palette!


I think it would be fun to do an illustration in each set of colors: reds, yellows, violets, greens, browns….


Sparrow and Sunflowers


Autumn is beginning!  My boys have started school, the nights are getting cooler – clear crisp nights for star gazing – and I’ve seen some colors on the trees!   My sunflowers are getting heavy with seeds.  I’m going to save and dry the heads to put out for the birds this winter.  So, for my first Fall themed entry in my journal I did a sparrow on some sunflowers.  All of my birds sure do love sunflower seeds!