Butterflies Series

I’ve always loved butterflies…it comes with my love of gardening.  My oldest son and I started a butterfly collection when he was 8 and he continued to fill the shadow boxes through the years.  It’s quite a nice collection now.   Over the summer I started a little field guide of my own with the adult wings, caterpillar, and chrysalis of the common butterflies found in Maine.   Here are a few of the pages:




It was such enjoyable work and it made me wonder how I could attract more of these beauties to my garden, so I did some research on the caterpillar’s food/habitat.  I’ve always kept milkweed somewhere in the garden for the Monarchs and I painted this piece last year:


This winter I want to do a series of these butterflies with their primary food source and in each life stage – egg, caterpillar, chrysalis, and adult butterfly!  The first one I’m going to do is the Black Swallowtail  – I’ve just got the ink down, so I’m ready to paint:



Do you have a favorite butterfly?  What ones would you like to see me illustrate?  I’ll be posting my series here all this winter  – stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “Butterflies Series

  1. I really like butterflies! The orange and black monarchs are my favorite. I have a purple bush on the side of my house that apparently has been attracting butterflies. This time of year they are migrating to Mexico.


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