Flutterby and Flower #2


This has been a cloudy, cold, dreary, sort of Autumn week!  So, what better to do then draw and paint inside where is dry and warm!  …and, the coffee and doughnut sure help!  I got the pencil done on Monday, the pen lined done by Tuesday, and the painting started by Wednesday:


The Mourning Cloak has many host plants, so I chose mulberry for this illustration (I could see how a caterpillar would be well camouflaged among the berries!)


Adult mourning cloaks feed on sap and decaying matter, less commonly they are seen nectaring on flowers…for some people, seeing them on the compost pile breaks with the beautiful image that butterflies are supposed to have.  I had a special surprise one morning when I woke up and found one on my bedside table!  To this day I do not know how he could have gotten there!   I still think it was a special gift for me from God ; )




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