Introduction Friday


Hello!  I thought I’d do a personal “get-to-know-you” post here.  I’m a stay-at-home wife and mother to 3 boys.  My family, my church, and my friends are the most important things in my daily life.  I have a weakness for chocolate and coffee.  I love gardening and I love my home in Maine!



My dear husband built me the potting shed shown above and I have this old claw-foot tub for a water garden.  I have perennial beds all around our little grey cape with peonies, irises, poppies, hydrangea and lilacs.  I also have raised beds for growing vegetables and herbs.  I draw inspiration from my gardens and the nature all around – birds at my feeders, butterflies on the flowers, and moths by the porch light in the evenings.



I go the the ocean at least once a week in the summer – rocky coast, pebbly inlets, sandy beaches, and wooded shorelines…they’re all beautiful places to sit and relax and watch the boys play.  The woods and the ocean are my happy places and I can have them all in this beautiful part of Maine that I call home ; )


The real attraction and passion for me is the native flowers – wild woodland, wayside and meadow flowers.  I plant them in my perennial borders wherever I can: asters, rudbeckia, trillium, goldenrod, milkweed, jack-in-the-pulpit, queen-ann’s-lace, blood root, may-apple….I started my own little wildflower garden when I was 12 and my grandmother gave me her old wildflower field-guide so that I would know their names.  I had bell flower, star flower, may flower, wintergreen, and blue bead lily.


Somewhere along the way, I started painting every flower I could find.  I even painted the flowers on the pumpkin vines and bean plants in the vegetable garden – so my mom signed me up to take a watercolor class when I was fifteen.  We’d go to a location, like Bailey’s island, and while the rest of the class painted the ocean, rocks, and blue sky, I would be over by a bush painting the pink rugosa roses-just the flowers, not even the whole bush ; )


So, my love for flowers and painting grew together.  I found endless inspiration in the beautiful gardens: Thuya and Asitcou in Acadia (Thuya Lodge pictured above), Celia Thaxter’s Island, McLaughlin’s Gardens, Gilsland Farm Peonies…I visit most of them every year and bring home new natives and exotics for my own gardens, and in every spare moment I paint them!

Hope that helps you to know me a little better!  I’d be happy to answer any more questions you may have – just leave a line in the comments ; )




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