Free Calendar – February


Here it is!  The second month of the year is almost here!  Here’s the new wallpaper for this month – just for you!


I hope you like it!  You can download the wallpaper for desktop, ipad, or iphone: HERE







“Circle of Chase”


This is the last page of my Pentalic aqua journal that my husband gave me, this same time, last year.  I didn’t plan to have it for exactly a year – it just worked out that way.  I enjoyed the size and how easy it was to bring with me (as posted here), but I have to keep paper between the pages or the watercolors smudge!  It’s as though the pages don’t fully absorb the pigment….strange since in all other ways the paper takes the paint just like any other good watercolor paper!

So, I’ll be looking around for a suitable replacement journal.  Do any of you have a great watercolor journal to recommend?

Musical Butterfly



My Mom is a piano/music lover and has her own baby grand in her music room where she teaches classes at home.  She’s been an inspiration for me to pursue what you’re passionate about.  She asked me to paint her a musical butterfly almost a year ago – so that she could order an illustrated tote and travel mug to bring to her lessons (she also teaches at a local music store).  I’m finally framing the original to hang in her class room at the store!


Love Deer


I’m finishing up this pattern for February – I wanted something folk styled and took inspiration from cross stitch borders.  Wouldn’t it make a cute Valentine’s card –  with something like, “I Deerly Love You” or,  “Please be my Deerest” for the inscription ; )

I’m working on making this into my wallpaper calendar for next month too – I’m getting better at scaling/cut and paste/layering/etc. to make the digital patterns!


Baby Owl in the Rain


We’ve had a spot of warm rainy weather in the middle of winter!  I’m already looking forward to spring – I hope it arrives early this year!  This little owl got caught out in some showers, but he’ll be alright – there were raspberries for snacking ; )


Goat Kid and Flowers


“Mairzy doats and dozy doats, and liddle lamzy divey.  A kiddley divey too, wouldn’t you?”

I remember my grandmother singing this song for us when I was a young girl.  She loved music and shared fun songs with us and taught us the parts to sing together.   Now, I teach them to my boys ; )


I was honestly thinking of spring when I started this goat – but sometimes a project takes you in another direction as you work on it.  The flowers all ended up being from the late summer/fall: purple asters, meadow grass, nanny berries, and rose hips.

(Mares eat oats and does eat oats and little lambs eat ivy.  A kid will eat ivy too – wouldn’t you?)   -Mairzy Doats song lyrics.




Little Goat


I just penned in the lines for this new illustration – inspired by friends who have kept goats for years.  They start having the newborn kids about this time of year!  Such fun little animals – our boys like to frolic and play with them!




My amaryllis that the boys gave me is blooming beautifully now – I love those graceful lines and velvet red!  And, it’s at the perfect time too, because I’m starting to decorate for our winter Family Holiday – only two weeks away!


I put up snowflakes and twinkle lights in the windows and have a collection of snowflakes that I hang all over the house: die-cut wood snowflakes hang from cupboard knobs, crochet and lucite snowflakes to hang form the chandelier…My dear Aunt gave me the snowflake prints to hang on the wall.


It’s a great way for me to remember how beautiful winter is, even through the coldest part of the season!


Flower Alphabet

I started making these cards last spring because the ladies at church were sending messages off to some of the sisters away on missions work – they assigned us each a letter to make into a card.  When all the cards are put in order they spell out “We Miss You” or “God Bless You” etc.  I thought I should go ahead and make a card for each letter of the alphabet…eventually – a sort of ongoing project ; )

So far I have A-anemone, I-ipomoea, and now G-gardenia.


Painted Trilliums



Trilliums were the first flower I fell in love with.  I found one in a gully – a single red one – and transplanted it to my own woodland garden with starflower, ferns, bellflower, wintergreen, blue-bead lily, etc.  It was the pride of my garden and the second year grew three flowers!  Then, one year I came to my garden to find it gone – disappeared!  Then I saw that the slugs had eaten it – nothing was left.  It’s been so many years since, but I still have a passionate hate for slugs.  I recently planted nodding trilliums and hope to add painted and wake-robins some day.