Free Calendar – March

computerYay!  Spring will soon be here!  Here are some early spring flowering bulbs for you – with the new calendar for March!  There’s still plenty of snow here in Maine, but I’ve got seedlings started inside and there’s a warmth to the sunshine that hasn’t been felt for a long time ; )


You can download the calendar for desktop, ipad, or iphone


Spring Flowers


These are the flowers I look forward to picking soon: hellebore, pansy, violets, bleeding heart, and columbine…I love spring, with the tender green of first growth, and all the delicate flowers that bloom then.  Too bad there’s still a month of winter left to go yet!  But, I have all my seeds started indoors – rows on rows of seedlings started – all in anticipation of being planted outside in May!


Jute Porch Rug



I started a new project: a rope rug!  I’m just coiling and whip stitching it with rug thread  – it’s so easy!  I wanted to have an area rug for the porch this summer.  It needed to be cheap and easy to make (I don’t finish projects that get too complicated!)  So, this is the beginning of my rug…I’ll update you on my progress as I go!


I’m hoping it will be something like THIS HERE by the time summer gets here!


Quiet Moments






Happy moments at home.  These are my happy places: flowers blooming, at my desk painting, sitting with a cup of tea and reading my Bible, enjoying the sunshine flooding in through the windows on my happy plants, and my little boys doing their school work!

Mouse and the Apple #2


Spring Flooding: Page 2

“One night it began to rain.  It rained so hard all night that the little stream by mouse’s stump had flooded it’s banks.  When mouse woke up in the morning, he saw that water had come in under the door and flooded his house.  (Poor mouse!)  He got up and slushed over to the door and opened it to peek outside.  The rain had stopped, the sun was shining, and the stream was starting to go back to it’s normal size.  Mouse set to work cleaning up the water on his floor.  He took the rugs out to dry and mopped up the extra water.  It was very hard work.  It took all day!”


Work-in-progress: mouse waking up to see his room is flooded.


(Link to: Page 1)



Planning the Garden


This is a picture of my flippies from the summer internship I had years ago – maintaining the perennial gardens for an estate.  I loved that job and saved the flippies as a reminder of the flowers, sunshine, and an amused employer who didn’t believe I would wear these every day – weeding, transplanting, edging, pruning, dividing…no matter the weather!

Well, now that I have my own gardens to tend, I don’t just work in my gardens in the summer – planting, tending, harvest, etc. – there’s all the planning to be done during the cold days of winter!    Taking stock of seeds that were saved, ordering new seeds, planting things early indoors, researching new plants that should be planted (when, where, how), and dreaming of what the garden will be!


My dear husband is building me a porch, so I’ve been busy dreaming of all the things I want to do with it and plant around it!  I’m planning to hang my hummingbird feeder there, but I’d also like to have a potted fuchsia for them.  I’m hoping to plant a Coral Honeysuckle to climb up the corner of the porch too!


Then there are the vegetable beds to plan and perennials I want to add to the borders around the house…and I’m going to try growing more in containers too…and there’s my old bathtub water garden.  So many things I want to do, so I must plan carefully, before spring gets here and the planting rush is on!



The Dance of Friendship



Friendship is a dance isn’t it?  Knowing how much to carry each other, when to let go, how far to take the next step…trusting, supporting, sometimes pushing each other.  The dance may be fast and fun, sometimes it’s slow and easy, sometimes it’s happy, other times it’s sad.  Friends navigate the music of life together until they share the very last dance.




New Tool



I got a new little tool this week!  It’s a lovely, smooth, brass Midori pencil case.  I go it because I thought it would be a great way to use up all our short pencils – The boys use so many pencils for school and I didn’t like throwing away all the pencil stubs!