Mouse and The Apple #1


Once Upon A Time: Page 1

“Once upon a time there was a little brown mouse who lived in a cozy old tree stump with a blue front door.  It was a lovely place with a big storeroom for all his winter foods.  He’d spent the winter quite happy by the fireplace reading his favorite books.  Mouse was sure that winter was ending.  He could see the snow was starting to melt.  Green was beginning to show on the mossy banks and the trees were putting out their buds.  Spring would soon be here.”


Here’s Mouse in his livingroom – painting is in process…I may work at all the illustrations as I go, but wait to finish them at the end, when all the final choices for what scenes to show/how/etc. are decided!


(There’s a very good reason for this little series of pictures.  You’ll see later – watch the apple!)





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