New Project – Sneak Peak!


For a long time now, I’ve had “illustrate a children’s book” on my list of goals.  I would voice every so often that I just needed someone to write the story and then I could make the pictures for it…then, a little while ago, my husband came home from work with an idea he said I should use to write my own children’s book – he told me all the major plot points and characters, the possible endings, etc.  I loved his idea and took notes on all the pertinent information.  Then I set to work writing the story.  I contacted an editor friend of mine and she helped me work out some kinks…I let the pages sit for a few weeks so that I could look at it again with fresh eyes.  I did some more revision.  Then, I let it sit again.

I’ve been waiting since then for the proper inspiration to come for the illustrations.  I did research and gathered images and did little sketches in a notebook when something clicked…so this year I want to start pairing the story with illustrations and I thought I could post them here as I go – like an old time serial!  A first draft of sorts ; )  Stay Tuned!




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