Floret Inspiration



This book is causing quite a stir this season – and I had to get in on it!   I’ve been inspired by FLORET to grow more flowers ; )  We have an undeveloped acre next to our house that has been used for different friend’s gardens in the past years.  This year a neighbor girl and I are going to work together on a cut flower garden ; )  My potting shed is bursting with seedlings and I’ve been working out a planting schedule.  My husband is going to dig a trench, install piping, and put a water spigot over there for us.  I’m mapping out bed spacing: where/how much/what will be planted…  We even invested in electric fencing to keep out the deer and ground hogs (last year they were too happy to help themselves to our garden!)  It’s all so exciting to plan and prepare…and while everything looks good on paper and in theory so far, I’ll keep you posted about our progress through the summer!

I also thought I’d just share my view from where I’m sitting right now:


A breezy, sunny, spring day – sitting in my living room – perfect for garden planning and blogging ; )


Handheld Bouquet


I tried something new for this painting – watercolors first instead of ink.  I usually ink in the lines first, but I thought it would be good to try something different…now I can’t decide if I should ink it all in, just some of it, or none of it!  Maybe just the hand…

Paper Flowers


I felt more like cutting paper instead of painting on it today!  It’s an idea for an illustration I want to do…but instead of sketching it out, I thought I’d play around with it this way!



Lady Slipper Orchid



An evening of painting is so therapeutic!  These pink lady slippers grow all over my Mom’s property – she shared a plant with me a few years ago and every year I look forward to it coming back!

Dividing Time


This is the first opportunity I’ve had to paint since last month! I’ve been busy dividing my time between housework, schooling, and tending the seedlings for the garden: tomatoes, sweet peppers, daisies, black-eyed-susans, poppies, cilantro, marigolds, delphinium, and hollyhocks. Then, this week my water lettuce and water hyacinth arrived in the mail!  They and the betta fish are waiting for it to get warm enough to go out to the bathtub water garden.


I’ve already brought my waterlily out of dormancy – from the dark basement out to the potting shed – leaves were already pushing up! I got a new block of watercolor paper in the mail with the water plants (just never know what boxes will show up together) so, I used the first page to start this terrarium: My Oasis.


My home and my gardens, with the birds and butterflies…my quiet days at home puttering around among my flowers or sitting with my sketchbook – this is my oasis! In just one more month, that’s where I’ll be! I know Mr. Betta is just as anxious to get out there – to be eating live larvae again instead of dried food pellets!




Free Calendar – April


computerApril is here!  Spring should be well on it’s way, yet we’re having a snowstorm here – going on 7 inches already and still coming down!  A little april-fool’s joke from winter itself!  I thought I’d just ignore the outside conditions and use a painting from last year’s journal that would remind us of the beauty that’s sure to come…after all this snow has melted!

You can download the calendar for: desktop, ipad, or iphone – Enjoy!