Dividing Time


This is the first opportunity I’ve had to paint since last month! I’ve been busy dividing my time between housework, schooling, and tending the seedlings for the garden: tomatoes, sweet peppers, daisies, black-eyed-susans, poppies, cilantro, marigolds, delphinium, and hollyhocks. Then, this week my water lettuce and water hyacinth arrived in the mail!  They and the betta fish are waiting for it to get warm enough to go out to the bathtub water garden.


I’ve already brought my waterlily out of dormancy – from the dark basement out to the potting shed – leaves were already pushing up! I got a new block of watercolor paper in the mail with the water plants (just never know what boxes will show up together) so, I used the first page to start this terrarium: My Oasis.


My home and my gardens, with the birds and butterflies…my quiet days at home puttering around among my flowers or sitting with my sketchbook – this is my oasis! In just one more month, that’s where I’ll be! I know Mr. Betta is just as anxious to get out there – to be eating live larvae again instead of dried food pellets!





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