Floret Inspiration



This book is causing quite a stir this season – and I had to get in on it!   I’ve been inspired by FLORET to grow more flowers ; )  We have an undeveloped acre next to our house that has been used for different friend’s gardens in the past years.  This year a neighbor girl and I are going to work together on a cut flower garden ; )  My potting shed is bursting with seedlings and I’ve been working out a planting schedule.  My husband is going to dig a trench, install piping, and put a water spigot over there for us.  I’m mapping out bed spacing: where/how much/what will be planted…  We even invested in electric fencing to keep out the deer and ground hogs (last year they were too happy to help themselves to our garden!)  It’s all so exciting to plan and prepare…and while everything looks good on paper and in theory so far, I’ll keep you posted about our progress through the summer!

I also thought I’d just share my view from where I’m sitting right now:


A breezy, sunny, spring day – sitting in my living room – perfect for garden planning and blogging ; )


3 thoughts on “Floret Inspiration

  1. I’m really excited to take a look at that book. I have a hold on it at the library. So glad it’s inspiring you to grow more flowers!!

    I hope you’ll share lots of photos of all the flowers you grow in your new cutting garden! Someday I’ll have space for something like that. For now I’ll just try to fit as many flowers as I can in our tiny (and mostly shady) yard.

    And what a lovely space your living room is. Love your artwork on the wall and your birdies!


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