June Calendar

It’s that time again!  The months come so quickly when I have a calendar to make for each one!!computer

June is a month of beautiful flowers at my house: peonies, poppies, lilies, etc…and a fair bit of rain – so an illustration of an umbrella filled with flowers seamed appropriate ; )

You can download the calendars for desktop, ipad, or iphone – Enjoy!!


Gardening Lady



This time of year there’s a rush to get everything planted – weeding, watering, watching in eager anticipation…then picking beautiful, big, bouquets of flowers to fill the homes of family and friends!  I’m expanding my cutting garden this year – and yes, I prefer to garden barefoot!

; )


Painting Flowers



We’re having a rainy spell…days of clouds, mist, spurts of sunshine.  Tonight is the Flower Moon – last full moon that could bring frost to our gardens.  Then it will be safe to plant our vegetables and tender annuals outside!!  I’m delightfully torn between my love of painting and my love of planting ; )

Do you have twin passions?  How do you divide your time?  Is it seasonal, day vs. night, or parts of the day?

Coral and Pink Poppy


I will never tire of painting flowers – and poppies are my favorite flower!  I love their forms and colors: reds, corals, and pinks!  I started 50 seedlings again this spring…I’m not even sure where I’ll plant them all.  I did some lavender somniferum and red orientale early and I have california and shirley poppy seeds to plant out.

What’s your favorite flower?



Spring Sleeping


We have little chipmunk holes here and there in the yard…they’re the reason I gave up growing strawberries – they would always pick them the moment they were ripe!  They are so much fun to watch.  They run along our rock wall and help themselves to the seed under the bird feeders.  So, here’s my illustration of a little chipmunk, sleeping under the spring bulbs in my garden ; )



Free Calendar – May

Here it is!  The first of May, and a new calendar for you!  This is one of my favorite months: spring flowers are in bloom and the days are finally warm enough to be comfortable again!  The songbirds are busy building their nests and starting their families ; )  We have a pair of robins that always lay a set of pretty blue eggs in a tree near our door yard.  I’m always surprised at how quickly they hatch, grow, and fledge – before I know it the nest is empty!

computerYou can download the calendar for: desktop, ipad, and iphone – enjoy !