Painting Flowers



We’re having a rainy spell…days of clouds, mist, spurts of sunshine.  Tonight is the Flower Moon – last full moon that could bring frost to our gardens.  Then it will be safe to plant our vegetables and tender annuals outside!!  I’m delightfully torn between my love of painting and my love of planting ; )

Do you have twin passions?  How do you divide your time?  Is it seasonal, day vs. night, or parts of the day?


4 thoughts on “Painting Flowers

  1. Lovely! I’m happy for you as I know it’s your time of year ! I love to write and read. I find it easier to bring my journal with me in the car while I wait for the kids at school ,or write in my quiet time. Reading has been a challenge at times but right now it’s more writing . Summer is quickly approaching, so I’m sure things will change. I have also picked up an interest in learning Hebrew. Many new interests lol. Excuse me while I go outside and look at my garden lol. 🙂 Christina

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