Bathtub Water Garden


I thought I’d give you a little update on how my water garden is doing so far.  I got fertilizer tablets for the water lilies and it has given them a great boost!  They’re doing so much better then the first year.



The betta fish is in there – but he’s hiding!  He eats all the mosquito larvae and couldn’t be happier in this environment!  Also the snails are multiplying by the hundreds.  They take care of all the algae that would otherwise be covering everything in the tub ; )  Now, if only my water lily would bloom!!


13th Wedding Anniversary


Today, my Babe and I celebrate 13 years of marriage!  I illustrated my wedding attire from that day – the dress, veil, shoes, etc. are all safely stored away in boxes ; )  I wore little satin ballet flats.  My dress had no train, so I had a long veil that trailed the ground instead.  My bouquet of white peonies was cut from a friend’s garden the morning of the wedding – and they smelled lovely all day!  I had a set of pearl necklace and earrings and of course my diamond engagement and wedding rings ; )


Summer Days






Here are some snapshots from the last few weeks – I know I’ve been quiet here lately!  I’ve been enjoying the outdoors: sunshine, flowers blooming, bird’s singing, blue skies…making the most of every moment of summer!  I’m trying to capture the flowers on paper as they are blooming out in the gardens ; )  And, of course, there’s still meals to make, laundry to do, cleaning, etc….its summer vacation – time for more of this good life!