Two Desk Life


I have two desks now…my evening/night time (pictured above) that I have had in the corner of my bedroom.  It’s a great space and perfect for at the end of the day – after everyone else has gone to bed.  Then, I made a daytime desk for the dining room downstairs (pictured below) that will be closer to everyone and everything going on during the day.


The fact is, I rarely have spare time during the day to hide away in my room and paint…there’s moments here and there that I might take to sketch an idea or work on a painting in progress, so I needed a little, centrally located space – so I came up with this homemade “shelf-desk”.


My desk/studio upstairs has the storage space for all my art supplies and journals/paper, etc.  It’s where I do most of my painting – I can take more time for it in the evenings after everything else is done for the day.  Then, my daytime desk downstairs is for those times between cooking, cleaning, laundry, and gardening.  It has great light and it’s near to everything else I’m doing!




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