Paint Palette



I know it’s been a little quiet over here in the painting department lately!  All of my painting this month is going into a project that I can’t reveal just yet ; )  I thought you’d like to know that I am still painting behind the scenes and have shared these little sneak peeks over on instagram if you follow me over there.  I’ll be able to tell you all about it in a couple months – stay tuned!


Paper Pitcher Plant



Firstly, these leaves are totally awesome and I had so much fun figuring out how to make them!  I saw this plant in the wild when we were camping here in Maine one year.  I used that plant for the size/shape of the leaves.  When I looked up Sarracenia purpurea on the internet I saw other sizes and a range of greens and red coloring…so I went with the leaves I’d seen in the wild myself.



The flower was also fun to figure out.  It has a large style that’s all one flat piece on top of the ovary…then the row of 5 petals is sometimes not present, but there are always 5 sepals…the one I saw in the wild had both.  The pitcher plant was my most exciting wildflower sighting ever.  It was a beautiful specimen and so exotic looking – and it makes a great crepe paper flower!


New Tool!



I’ve finally bought a light box!  It’s super thin, so I can fit it between pages in my sketchbooks if I need to, and it has 3 brightness settings (low and medium shown above) for different papers…it’s awesome!  I don’t have to draw up against a window to get light any more ; )  And, it’s just in time for a big project I have to do this month!  YAY!

Paper Clintonia



So, while I think this came out well enough for a crepe paper flower, I do not think it looks like a clintonia borealis – the proportions/flowers aren’t quite how I want them…I’ll have to try this flower again when I’ve aquired more skill with crepe paper!  I’ll have a chance to look at the real flowers this spring when they bloom – maybe I can take my crepe paper out to the woods and try again ; )




I thought I’d post a couple photos of what’s going on in my sketchbook these days ; )  Winter is bringing snow apon snow and dangerously cold temperatures…so we’re staying warm inside together as a family!  I’ve started a new puzzle and the boys are playing Operation.  How is your winter going so far?!


Paper Bunchberry



My next crepe paper flower is the native bunchberry.  I have these growing here and there in the wooded parts of our property.  Cornus canadensis, also known as creeping dogwood, flowers in late spring early summer.  The red berries come later in summer, are edible and have an apple like flavor with cruchy seeds.  They are a lovely plant to look at all summer long with the deep green leaves and red fruit.