May Calendar


It’s May!  The month of spring!  Everything is looking green and alive and the flowers are coming up in the gardens – the may apples are spreading out their large umbrella like leaves over dainty white flowers in my woodland garden – and soon it will be Mayflower hunting time.  My Mom and I always go collect a bunch of the fragrant blooms for mother’s day!  So, here’s your FREE Desktop Calendar HERE for download – Enjoy!


Bluebead Lily



Also known as Clintonia borealis – with some wood anemone, and wintergreen…looking forward to seeing these blooming in the woods soon!  My absolute favorite is hunting for the woodland wildflowers in the spring!



One of my favorite moths is the luna moth.  They’re so graceful and such a lovely green color!  I was in a mood to play with words too – alliteration!  It would be fun to develope this into a poster with fun fonts/graphic appeal – but I have no idea what it would be for!

In the Works



Working on some new paper dolls!  I little testing first to get shapes and sizes correct – then tracing and drawing the outfits and accesorites to fit the models…now the fun part of painting!


Brush Doodling


I was just ‘doodling’ around with my brushes – trying some lettering and a few flowers for fun…this is my version of practice/playing and seeing how ideas flow from brush to paper ; )  Spring is just such great inspiration: lily-of-the-valley, scilla, snowdrops, and a bumblebee!




Sets of paint – I just love all the colors!  First picture shows the original Sennelier set of 8 half pans and the expanded set of 12 half pans that I upgraded to.  I use it for any traveling/outdoor painting.  Next picture shows my Cotman sketcher’s pocket set of 16 half pans – this was my first set and it served me well the first year – now my son is using it for his set.  Lastly the Lukas set with 48 half pans that I use for everything.  I’ve had the set for two years now and I love it!  So far, the only color I’ve had to refill is the sap green that I added.  I replaced the phthalo green with sap green because I like the yellow greens better for botanical painting.