Floral Doodles



A page from my sketchbook of random flowers and a butterfly ; )


Yellow Daylily



My rendition of my yellow daylily.

How is your summer going? We’ve been enjoying all the best things about summer! Sitting around the fire pit in the evenings, roasting marshmallows for s’mores, cookouts with friends and family, swimming at the local pond, day trips with relatives, fishing trips, canoeing, etc. It’s my favorite time of year with warm stary nights for staying up late and visiting with friends – counting the fireflies, watching bats dance in the moonlight, and observing the moths that gather by the porch light. What are your favorite things about summer?


Henry and Emily Paper Dolls



I illustrated this girl and boy jointed paper dolls for inserts in the Daughters of Promise magazine Homespun – the summer issue featured articles about the simple joys of home, family, and creative play.   I took an hour yesterday and got Henry cut out and his outfit.  The pictures show how to fit his clothes and hat on:






He comes with a coffee pot, skillet, and bow & arrows  Emily comes with a doll and basket of flowers.  They each have an everyday and dress set of clothes.  I used a #2 on my gauged hole punch, and little metal brads from a craft store.  The inserts were printed on a nice thick quality paper – great for making paper dolls!  You can print your very own Henry and Emily with a download from DoP shop – HERE!



Nodding Trillium



Getting a page done in my nature journal!  These were blooming in the woods earlier this spring and I drew them in my nature journal, but I hadn’t taken time to paint them until now – after the rush of spring planting, then weeding and watering…the woodland flowers all bloom so early in the spring because they want to maximize their time in the sun before the leaves of the trees fill in and the heat of summer arrives!