Monarch Muse




I planted milkweed in the garden bordering the front of my house. It’s visited by monarchs all through the summer and I always enjoy seeing their life cycle unfold before my eyes! I wanted to create a repeat pattern for my Society6 shop – to show their host plant and life cycle. I was fortunate to find a couple caterpillars to make their chrysalids on my porch where I could watch them every day!



I have the repeat pattern available in my Society6 Shop – I love the curtains ; )





I’ve been enjoying my little space in the dining room.  As a homemaker, homeschooler, wife, mother, daughter, etc…it can be hard to find time for my hobbies!  But, I’m able to set aside some moments each day for gardening, painting, and “backyard nature”.   I’ve been drawing one of my favorite flowers, hellebore, and counting my blessings: sunshine, summer vacation, family, home, time for my hobbies…I’m soaking up every moment of these days.  I get to be at home with my boys and watching them grow.  The beauty of being at home is the simple act of being!



What do you like best about being home?  We asked each person in the family and everyone had a different answer.  I’m partial to my porch – a place to gather with friends and family to relax/visit together.  My youngest boy likes the game cabinet in our livingroom – hours of fun playing games together.  My husband loves the couch, which he doesn’t get to sit on enough, he says, because it’s great for taking afternoon naps ; )  How about you?


Swan Pond



I really don’t know what to think of this illustration.  I was just playing around with this one.  I’m not sure about the landscape – but I love the swan – I think swans need some time in the spotlight after all the popularity around pink flamingos lately ; )  What do you think?

Nature Journal Pg. 7


Did I really start this journal 3 years ago?!  I certainly haven’t been rushing to fill it…but at this rate it’ll be another three before I’ve finished ; )  It’s blueberry season, the tiger lilies are just starting to bloom, the echinacea has been popular with the bees, and I found the most delightful little frogs in our marshy area behind the house!