Welcome – I’m glad you decided to visit!  I’ve started my own little corner of internet here to share my watercolor/ink illustrations and paper crafts with you – my process, inspirations, applications, and life.  I’ve been painting with watercolors since I was 17.  I love nature, and especially wildflowers, and I love gardening – these inspire me to paint and illustrate all the beauty I see around me!


My first love as a girl was wildflowers.  I had my own little flower garden. I would sit and draw the flowers and paint their delicate features. Now, with home and family keeping me busy, I have to find the time whenever I can to work in my gardens. I always have a camera or sketchbook handy for capturing the inspiration around me that I use later in my painting.


I’m inspired by New England’s four seasons – the natural beauty of landscapes and all the flora and fauna that surrounds me. I enjoy watching the wildlife, bugs, and butterflies that I see when I’m gardening.


Thanks for coming to visit!  Feel free to contact me with any questions, commission requests, or just to say “Hi”  shorey.flowergirl.melody@gmail.com