Hello March!

Our kitty, Kilo – this is how she likes to nap. (The flowers were added from later doodlings)

Spring is just around the corner and the warmth of the sun is melting the snow away inch by inch! It always inspires me just thinking about the warmth, flowers, butterflies, and songbirds returning to the landscape! With all that happy anticipation, here’s a few pages I did in my art journals this week!

Has spring come to your neck of the woods yet? Or, like here in Maine, are there still a few weeks from finally finishing the winter weather! I’ve been turning my energy to some spring cleaning instead ; ) Getting everything indoors tidy and clean will allow me to spend all my time outdoors in the garden as soon as the ground thaws!!!


Pretty Housekeeping

I like this idea to display regular, everyday used, items as decoration – to recognize the simple beauty of a mundane thing like a handbroom! I’ve never been one to display things just for show…they have to have a history, significance, and/or purpose. What do you think?

There’s this trend for fancy, upscale-utilitarian cleaning tools – there are more beautiful housekeeping tools available everywhere! I think it’s partly the eco-friendly natural and the minimalist long-lasting fashions that have swept the world by storm! I found this darling broom and dustpan and now sweeping feels like a special occation ; )
Also, thanks to Marie Cando and the *spark joy* trend, I’ve been organizing, cleaning out, and re-evaluating all the spaces in our home too! It’s the perfect activity for these winter days when cabin fever is at it’s pitch!!

How about you? Are you ready for spring cleaning?! Or, like me, just couldn’t wait and have spent the winter digging out the recesses of every closset to discover what’s hidden inside!


This month is always the longest feeling – ironic since it’s actually the shortest! But, it’s the middle of winter here with the cold days and snow. I haven’t done any painting in a while, but I’ve had other illustration work and I’m enjoying a beautiful butterfly puzzle! I have made my own matcha cheescake, a linen spray with essential oils, a card for a friend, and I’m started on a second rag rug! Handicrafts are a great diversion from the cabin fever that threatens to settle in this time of the year! What do you like to do in the winter months?

Winter Decorations

It’s time to put up the snowflakes and twinkle lights! I love to see all the snowflakes silhouetted in the windows – reminding me of how beautiful the snow is about the time in the winter that I start resenting how long and cold winter is!

Work Satchel

I found this love-worn leather satchel at Goodwill and knew it would be the perfect thing to keep my illustration work in when I have a client/commision I’m preparing for.

Right now I have a very exciting and fun job that includes drawing conifers – I haven’t done many evergreens before, so this is a great opportunity! There are so many different trees and shrubs: juniper, hemlock, cedar, pine, larch, balsam…once I got started I realized there are way more options then I had space on my paper!

Views from Life

My current living room is the old dining room – so the coat rack is now a decorative element instead of functional – until we switch the rooms back again ; ) I’m enjoying the change for these winter months!

My sketchbook fills up with flower doodles when I’m missing my garden and all the beautiful visitors that come to it: the hummingbirds, the butterflies, bees, ladybugs, etc. I’m already planning what flowers I can plant for them this summer!

My kitty needs her daily love-cuddles – have to watch out for her claws when she kneads with her paws!

I’ve been cleaning and organizing our little RV…getting ready for a cross-country trip this summer! The whole family is so excited about the trip. I’m going to journal about it all over HERE if you’d like to follow along!

Vacation Paintings

We did two different types of painting on our winter vacation! The first was a lot of work – we finished our west front room – painted ceiling, trim, and walls. Also, we finally hung proper curtain rods and curtains, mounted the pictures on the walls, and got a hutch we always had planned to have for the stereo…so this room is officially finished!!

The other painting was much more fun! I had a little watercolor class with Kaya, my son’s fiancee. We did johnny-jump-ups and I love how hers came out! She deffinately has an artistic eye for composition, proportions, colors, etc.

New year!

I found a perfect calendar for this year! I have a few resolutions that I’m looking forward to tracking in the pages of these months. I like that there’s space for doodles, quotes, reminders, and inspirational notes!

I’m also using a free printable template for weekly meal planning – this year is going to be for better, healthier, tastier foods for the whole family! After an elimination diet I did this summer I’ve been finding ways of feeding all of us better!

I’m excited by all the possibilities that the year ahead holds and I hope to be mindful and present in each moment. Savour, Cherish, and Choose Well – those are the words I’m starting the year with. What words are you living by today?