Vacation Paintings

We did two different types of painting on our winter vacation! The first was a lot of work – we finished our west front room – painted ceiling, trim, and walls. Also, we finally hung proper curtain rods and curtains, mounted the pictures on the walls, and got a hutch we always had planned to have for the stereo…so this room is officially finished!!

The other painting was much more fun! I had a little watercolor class with Kaya, my son’s fiancee. We did johnny-jump-ups and I love how hers came out! She deffinately has an artistic eye for composition, proportions, colors, etc.


New year!

I found a perfect calendar for this year! I have a few resolutions that I’m looking forward to tracking in the pages of these months. I like that there’s space for doodles, quotes, reminders, and inspirational notes!

I’m also using a free printable template for weekly meal planning – this year is going to be for better, healthier, tastier foods for the whole family! After an elimination diet I did this summer I’ve been finding ways of feeding all of us better!

I’m excited by all the possibilities that the year ahead holds and I hope to be mindful and present in each moment. Savour, Cherish, and Choose Well – those are the words I’m starting the year with. What words are you living by today?

Current Projects

I’ve been doing a little bit of different things this month: a new embroidery technique, a flannel drawstring skirt with a kangaroo pouch (so cozy!), planting bulbs for some winter color, and some graphic design for a friends business branding!

DIY Crepe Paper Hellebore

I did a little step-by-step, do-it-yourself, instructional on how to make crepe paper Hellebore flowers for the winter issue of Daughter’s of Promise magazine!

It was a bit of a challenge finding the proper shape/proportions for the flower’s center and petals etc.The developement process requires some trial and error, but by the 3rd flower I had the look I wanted – then it was time to make one from beginning to end, taking notes and pictures!

It was such a fun project! I hope it inspires some creativity and beauty during these long winter days! Have you taken on any new projects or are you learning a new skill this season?!

Wintery Desk

These beautiful, fragrant, white tulips came from my husband for my birthday last week! He knows just what I like and also got me chocolate and paint pens! I’ve been having so much fun labeling everything with the pens ; )

I’ve had my 37th turn around the sun and feel so grateful for all the amazing blessings in my life – I’m looking forward to this year to come with joyful anticipation!!! Winter is NOT my favorite season…but I’m finding special beauty in it and thankful for all the good things that come with being cozy inside with dear friends and family!¬†

Viola, Bell, + Mandolin

The soft yellow light of a wintery late afternoon. A cup of lemon ginger tea. A random assortment of illustrations to be painted blue and yellow…my family home for Thanksgiving weekend. The sounds of playing and working around the house. The rich smell of stew simmering. – I’m counting these as a few of my special blessings from this past week!

I made a repeat pattern out of this page and uploaded it to my shop:

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Blue Knit Maxi Dress

This is a break from my normal art related posts, but it is a creative craft: sewing!

I’ve been shopping for a knit maxi dress for months now, without success. I was looking for a neckline that wasn’t too low, with the flattering/right fit of the bodice, material not too thin, and at the right price (I may have set my expectations a bit high!) I was lamenting about it to a friend yesterday, and she said, “Oh, it wouldn’t be hard to make one – you should try it!” I have had a nice piece of knit yardage languishing in the basement, so I thought I’d rather make a dress (even if it didn’t work out) then leave the fabric in storage for years!

I apologize for the quality of photos – it was snowing today, so I took the pictures inside ; ) I had a long sleeve knit top that I just layed out flat on the yardage and cut out around it to make my ‘pattern’. It’s possibly the easiest thing I’ve ever sown – front and back bodice, two sleeves, gathered skirt, and neckline trim. I didn’t even hem the sleeves or skirt – just leaving them to roll naturally!

Please excuse my awkward selfie photos! Fellow seamstress will be interested in the details: I did normal shoulder seams and extra long sleeves. One of the things I’m used to now with retail clothes is that long sleeves are rarely long enough for me…but these sleeves are plenty long! I did a simple strip of fabric around the neckline – left raw so it will roll – it’s top stitched to the neck opening to keep the neckline from stretching too much. 

In just a couple hours I had a comfortable dress with the neckline I wanted and a proper fit! This knit fabric was a medium weight¬† and not super stretchy, so it should hold it’s shape well. This dress has the long sleeves for winter, but I plan to make a couple more (in peach pink and sage green?) with short sleeves for summer!

Red Repeat Pattern

A few ideas from my sketchbook…then match those with colors inspired by the reds and golds of sunset. I filled the paper with whatever caught my mind’s eye.

I wanted to stay with a warm color palette – reds, oranges, yellows, and plums. I don’t actually like reds very much and don’t use them often. I tend to use pinks and lavenders…so this was to force me to use brighter colors as much as I could!

It’s sort of a disparate assortment of items from all the seasons. Hopefully that means it will be multi-seasonal! It would be fun to do another one of these in a cool palette – blues and violets? What do you think?

I upload the original pattern that I painted to my shop and then I upload the actual repeated pattern so that you can dicide which one you prefer on the different items available:

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