Paper Flowers


I felt more like cutting paper instead of painting on it today!  It’s an idea for an illustration I want to do…but instead of sketching it out, I thought I’d play around with it this way!




Jute Porch Rug



I started a new project: a rope rug!  I’m just coiling and whip stitching it with rug thread  – it’s so easy!  I wanted to have an area rug for the porch this summer.  It needed to be cheap and easy to make (I don’t finish projects that get too complicated!)  So, this is the beginning of my rug…I’ll update you on my progress as I go!


I’m hoping it will be something like THIS HERE by the time summer gets here!


Paper Cutting


There are so many fun paper crafts out there!  I had fun making snowflakes for my windows this winter and I’m trying some accordion paper figures for Valentine’s Day!  What other paper crafts do you like to do?  I’ve made origami paper cranes.  I just finished the jointed paper dolls last week.  I used to love making paper dolls with fancy dresses…and my boys are always finding new and improved designs for paper airplanes!