June Calendar!



June is prabably my favorite month!  My gardens fill with flowers, the butterflies and honey bees are regular visitors, and the birds are raising their babies ; )  We start school vacation for the summer today – YAY!  Later this month is my wedding anniversary to my dear husband (I always choose a botanical garden somewhere for a picnic lunch!)

Anyway, here’s a Free calendar Download for your Desktop!  Featuring my crepe paper version of Nymphaea odorata – fragrant white water lily native to New England – Enjoy!


May Calendar


It’s May!  The month of spring!  Everything is looking green and alive and the flowers are coming up in the gardens – the may apples are spreading out their large umbrella like leaves over dainty white flowers in my woodland garden – and soon it will be Mayflower hunting time.  My Mom and I always go collect a bunch of the fragrant blooms for mother’s day!  So, here’s your FREE Desktop Calendar HERE for download – Enjoy!

Woodland Scene




The boys (and I) are having fun staging these woodland scenes with our woodsman paper dolls – link for printables in previous post HERE!  It’s very cloudy because of a storm brewing off the coast today…so these pictures aren’t the best from the grey light – but it’s the best day for playing with paper!  The boys made the background of trees and I did a few little creatures to go along with it ; )  There’s an owl, two squirrels, three birds, and some butterflies!


Free Printable: Jointed Paper Dolls


Remember this little project I started a while ago?  I have a family history of sustainable forestry here in Maine and wanted to illustrate that in a fun way.  Our forests can take care of us – if we take care of them!

I finally layed out my paper doll pieces and scanned them in to make printable paper dolls for you!  I made a few adjustments and changed a couple things from the originals…so that they look/work better ; )


You can download each as shown above:  Woodsman/Lumber Jack HERE and Woodslady/Lumber Jill HERE


Shown above is what your printables should look like.  I printed them on cardstock so that they would be strong enough at the joints when you move them.  The thicker paper your printer can handle, the studier the dolls will be!


Cut out the parts of the dolls and use a small hole punch where the dots are for the joints (craft stores have special gauged hole punches – if you don’t have a small hole punch, you can use a tack to start a small hole and make it larger with tiny scissors).


The lady’s arm can hold her axe/saw if you cut a slit along the fingertips:



All the pieces are then put together with little metal brads available in art/craft supply stores.


The woodsman is done the same way – just cut out the pieces and cut the holes for the joints.  All the pieces are then put together with the little metal brads.


The paper dolls can now chop, cut, saw, and stack wood together ; )  It would be fun to draw trees and color a forest scene for the dolls to work in.  They can act out sustainable forestry and show responsable tree husbandry!


You’ll see that the dolls are wearing the iconic clothing of a person in the northern timber trade: plaid, flannel, denim, and leather.  I took artist’s license to use the L.L. Bean boot – since it has been so popular lately – which is so funny to me, because everyone I know has been wearing them all their lives!


My boys think these dolls are fun and want me to make a dog, boy and girl, and grandparents too!



March Calendar


Ah, it’s starting to feel like spring – between the snow/sleeting days that is!  It’ll be weeks yet before the snows all melts away and the first flowers push up out of the ground…but the sun is getting warmer and the days are longer ; )  Hopefully this desktop calendar will bring a bit of spring into your days too!  You can download the free calendar HERE – Enjoy!

Free January Calendar


Tomorrow starts a brand new year!  I’m trying a new style of calendars for you this year – each one is going to feature a crepe paper wildflower!  I’ve just started making crepe paper flowers and wanted to make some of my favorite native woodland and wetland flowers.  I’m loving this new medium and hope that you will like the calendars that result!

Download the free desktop wallpaper calendar HERE – Enjoy!

Free Calendar – December


We’re all anticipating the first snowfall here!  Can’t wait for winter to truly begin!  I can’t believe it’s the last month of the year already – where did the months fly to?  This is the time when the family photos must be taken and sent out to everyone you know…ours always seems to turn out like this snowfamily’s ; )  We’re all getting snowshoes this year so the family can go walking together this winter.  Do you have any favorite winter actvities?

You can bring a little of the winter snow to your screen with this free calendar – you can download the wallpaper for: desktop, ipod, and iphone – Enjoy!