February Calendar


Oh my!  Is it february already?  What happened?!  I’ve been too busy lately around here!  Here’s your calendar a couple days too late – sorry!  Download your free desktop calendar HERE – Enjoy!!


Free January Calendar


Tomorrow starts a brand new year!  I’m trying a new style of calendars for you this year – each one is going to feature a crepe paper wildflower!  I’ve just started making crepe paper flowers and wanted to make some of my favorite native woodland and wetland flowers.  I’m loving this new medium and hope that you will like the calendars that result!

Download the free desktop wallpaper calendar HERE – Enjoy!

Free Calendar – December


We’re all anticipating the first snowfall here!  Can’t wait for winter to truly begin!  I can’t believe it’s the last month of the year already – where did the months fly to?  This is the time when the family photos must be taken and sent out to everyone you know…ours always seems to turn out like this snowfamily’s ; )  We’re all getting snowshoes this year so the family can go walking together this winter.  Do you have any favorite winter actvities?

You can bring a little of the winter snow to your screen with this free calendar – you can download the wallpaper for: desktop, ipod, and iphone – Enjoy!

November Free Calendar


Hello!  I’m excited about this beautiful time of year – I love Thanksgiving and it’s my birthday month and my wonderful sister and darling nieces are coming to visit from Oaklahoma!!!  I hope this month brings rich blessings and plenty to be thankful for in your days!  Here’s this month’s free calendar for you to use: desktop, ipad, and iphone – Enjoy!

Free October Calendar!

Oh dear!  Is October here already!?  It’s been so busy lately – so here’s October’s calender wallpaper a few days late!computer

It’s the season for hot drinks and apple picking and pie baking!  I love fall and look forward to the leaves changing colors and the smell of wood fires and the first frosts on the window panes ; )

You can download the free wallpaper/printables for: desktop, ipad, or iphone – Enjoy!

Floral Envelope – Coloring Page


I did this little illustration in one of my sketchbooks and then decided to make it into a printable coloring page – free for you to download HERE!  It’s an expression of one of my favorite things: letter writing.  I think the written word is a powerful way to communicate with our friends and family -it’s an important part of your relationships with people…a hand written note can be cherished in ways a typed text or e-mail could never be!


So, write a note to a loved one today – then have fun coloring this little illustration!

Free September Calendar


Hello!  For me September is the start of fall!  The garden is in full production now with more vegetables then we can eat!  The leaves on the trees will begin to turn soon!  It’s the season for back to school shopping and the schedule changes of class work instead of yard work ; )  I hope you’re enjoying these seasonal changes!  I have another calendar that you can download the wallpaper for: desktop, ipad, or iphone – Enjoy!

July Calendar

I’m sorry I posted this a little late this time!

My favorite month of my favorite season is here!  I love summer and I love this month in the middle – plenty of days to enjoy the sunshine and take it a little easier – there are butterflies and honey bees all over the garden, day trips to the beach, yardsaling with friends, picnics, biking/walks in the park, and family vacations!


I hope you have a chance to enjoy the month as much as I do!  Here’s your free calendar for the month.  You can download the calendar for: desktop, ipad, or iphone – enjoy!