Floral Envelope – Coloring Page


I did this little illustration in one of my sketchbooks and then decided to make it into a printable coloring page – free for you to download HERE!  It’s an expression of one of my favorite things: letter writing.  I think the written word is a powerful way to communicate with our friends and family -it’s an important part of your relationships with people…a hand written note can be cherished in ways a typed text or e-mail could never be!


So, write a note to a loved one today – then have fun coloring this little illustration!


Hollyhocks Coloring Page – Free!


DSC_4942I love hollyhocks!  I’ve been trying to get some established for 8 years now – finally, this year, I may have found a spot where they will be happy!  I’m so excited to see them growing and hopeful that they will do well!  To share my happiness with you, I made a little coloring page of hollyhocks ; )

Download your FREE coloring page HERE!