Sweet Pea Vine



These winter skies cast a grey light in my photos!  Ah, well – at least spring will come soon!  I’m looking forward to seeing these pink sweet peas in my garden again.  They’re a perennial pea, or Everlasting pea.  They don’t have any frangrance like the annual sweet peas.  It’s a vigorous growing plant that will readily reseed and spread.  I put it by my front door where it gets all the hot, direct, summer sun and it has thrived!  It reaches 8 feet tall and blooms happily.  The hummingbirds like it too ; )


Cup and Saucer Vine


I’m picking up an old personal project again – I’d started a series of flowering vines in the fall and this one got inked in and then sat waiting for paint the last couple months!  So far I’ve done Honeysuckle, Blue Morning Glories, Clematis, and Burple Bell Vine…do you have any favorite flowering vines you’d like to see illustrated?  My Mom already wants me to paint another blue morning glory because I sold the other one last week.  She wants her own to hang up on the wall ; )

Paint Palette



I know it’s been a little quiet over here in the painting department lately!  All of my painting this month is going into a project that I can’t reveal just yet ; )  I thought you’d like to know that I am still painting behind the scenes and have shared these little sneak peeks over on instagram if you follow me over there.  I’ll be able to tell you all about it in a couple months – stay tuned!


Overcoming *Winter Malady*


I deal with seasonal effective disorder every year about this time.  It’s been weeks since I cleaned out the gardens for the season.  All the songbirds have long ago flown south.  It will be many more weeks until there are any seeds to plant.  My happy place (my gardens/door yard) is burried under snow.  There’s no green, no warm sunshine, no butterflies and bees visiting the garden flowers…

So, to combat the long winter days, I cultivate my houseplants, grow new plants, force bulbs, and take cuttings.  I continue to paint the flowers inside.  I plan and dream about all the gardening to be done as soon as spring arrives again.  I practice thankfulness – for the beauty of winter, the comforts of home, the love of family.  I drink SO much tea, read gardening books and wildflower field guides, eat chocolate, and cut paper snowflakes to hang in the windows ; )

What do you do to overcome the winter blues?  There’s a lot of hype about Hygge right now and when I read about it, it sounds like a great way to cope with winter.  Starting a puzzle, making cookies, reading a book, and enjoying the simple pleasures of life with your family and friends.



Guess What?!



That’s my work you see on those pages!  My illustrations have been printed in the Shelter issue of the Daughters of Promise magazine!!!  So excited to be a part of this beautiful publication and looking forward to reading the other stories in here!  I made these four illustrations of animals and their homes to go with the article that Marjanita Geigley wrote, titled Cozy Creature Cottages.  The article features animals with unique home building skills: beavers, prarie dogs, weaver ants, spiders, catherdral termites, and sociable weaver birds.  At the end of the article there’s a blank page for the reader to try making their own nature journal page ; )  So much fun to see it all in print!

(Back Cover)

You can check out their website HERE, or their instagram HERE ; )

Paper Flower Bouquet




I’m missing the fresh-cut flowers that I bring in from the gardens all summer long!  Heading into the *desolate* days of winter can be a trying time for me – I yearn for the green and growing things!  Making this paper flower bouquet certainly brightened my day though!


Embellished Shapes



I’ve been having fun painting these silhouettes and then embellishing them with florals!  I like them together…maybe a repeat pattern for fabric?  They are fun on their own too ; )  What animals/fruits/etc. would you like to see?  I want to try everything!  I’d love some ideas!

Sneak Peek



I can’t tell you all about it yet – but I wanted to show you bits of what’s been on my desk lately!

; )  It’s a special project that I’ve been working on the last couple weeks and I’m so excited to show you what it is when the time somes!  …



Orange Lilies


I found this unfinished from the summer and got it done today ; )  I don’t have any orange lilies like this in my garden, so I don’t know where the original inspiration would have come from…maybe a bouquet from a friend’s garden?