Painting these flowers may make better use of my resources then growing them – the flowers are so short lived in the spring time!  I love the shape of the leaves and seedpods though…maybe someday I’ll add them to my woodland garden!  I’ve been enjoying as much time as possible painting out on my porch this summer!

On another note – I found these cute little beaded moccasins and couldn’t resist – even though they are only “vegan leather”.






I’ve been enjoying my little space in the dining room.  As a homemaker, homeschooler, wife, mother, daughter, etc…it can be hard to find time for my hobbies!  But, I’m able to set aside some moments each day for gardening, painting, and “backyard nature”.   I’ve been drawing one of my favorite flowers, hellebore, and counting my blessings: sunshine, summer vacation, family, home, time for my hobbies…I’m soaking up every moment of these days.  I get to be at home with my boys and watching them grow.  The beauty of being at home is the simple act of being!



What do you like best about being home?  We asked each person in the family and everyone had a different answer.  I’m partial to my porch – a place to gather with friends and family to relax/visit together.  My youngest boy likes the game cabinet in our livingroom – hours of fun playing games together.  My husband loves the couch, which he doesn’t get to sit on enough, he says, because it’s great for taking afternoon naps ; )  How about you?


Yellow Daylily



My rendition of my yellow daylily.

How is your summer going? We’ve been enjoying all the best things about summer! Sitting around the fire pit in the evenings, roasting marshmallows for s’mores, cookouts with friends and family, swimming at the local pond, day trips with relatives, fishing trips, canoeing, etc. It’s my favorite time of year with warm stary nights for staying up late and visiting with friends – counting the fireflies, watching bats dance in the moonlight, and observing the moths that gather by the porch light. What are your favorite things about summer?





My little sketchbook – it’s the one I grab when I’m not sure what I’ll be drawing.  It only has two, maybe three pages a year, for the last 7 years…random garden or landscape scenes, etc.  I keep it and some pencils, in a bag, ready to go ; )

Twin Leaf



An ephemeral flower of north america, but not native to Maine – it will grow here though and I’ve seen it in a few of the botanical gardens.  I just love those delicate split leaves!

Lost and Found

Toad Lily
Twin Leaf
Clintonia, Starflower, and Mayflower

I sometimes missplace a drawing – stuck in a journal, notebook, or tote and forgotten until the next time a reach for that tote/book – so here are a few I found from last month in a journal I’d stashed in a tote for back-and-forth to the Dyslexia Center.  I sit and draw while my son is in his tutoring sessions.  I was anticipating some of my favorite spring wildflowers that would be blooming – now they are and it’s the perfect time to be painting these!

Trillium sessile





I always plant a few pots of pansies – I try to pick the flowers that smell sweetest and I always get some johnny-jump-ups if I can for my Johnny (they’re his favorite flower).  So, I was inspired to make a pansy repeat pattern!  I love all the blues, violets, and peeks of yellow!




As children my sister and I called them monkey faces ; )  They’d be fun all over some leggings, a travel mug, shower curtain, etc.  Which is better? Large or small scale?  I never am sure, depending on the product!  What do you think will look the best?  I’ll share the results in the next post!




I was able to buy a bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) at a plant nursery last year and eagerly await it’s blooms this spring!!!  I planted it along the edge of our woods where it gets dappled sunlight and undisturbed leaf litter – my one fear is the dear eating them…so I’m keeping a close watch and may stake a cage around them if necessary!