Orange Lilies


I found this unfinished from the summer and got it done today ; )  I don’t have any orange lilies like this in my garden, so I don’t know where the original inspiration would have come from…maybe a bouquet from a friend’s garden?


Purple Bell Vine


Here’s the fourth in my series of flowering vines: Purple Bell Vine.  This is such a unique plant!  Do any of you have one of these?  It’s a tropical plant, so I can’t grow it in my cold climate.  I love the way the flower is surrounded by the pretty pink sepals!


Honeysuckle Vine



Here’s the honesuckle vine – I’m enjoying this series of flowering vines so far!  I like the way the stems twist and turn around eachother.  I’ve doing research on what species of honeysuckle to grow for the hummingbirds.  I want something with a pretty flower, like this one I’ve illustrated, but I don’t know if I want to deal with an invasive plant!

Climbing Vine


I had some time to draw and paint today!  (My time for painting has been sporadic this fall!)  It’s so nice to get my paints wet again and mix some colors!  I started with this clematis vine.  I love the muted pinks…time to take a break from this though and do some laundry and baking.

; )


Bellflower Painting Video


I tried making a little video of painting my bell flowers:

These bell flowers volunteered in my shade garden and have naturalized all over the bed – I love their color and shape!!  I don’t know where they could have come from…I don’t know what kind they are.



Shirley Poppies


A few poppies in shades of pink – The ‘Shirley Poppy’ encompasses a cluster of selected strains of a specific poppy – Papaver rhoeas. It’s name comes from the village of Shirley, England, where the first strain was discovered in the late 1800’s.  They are selected for the pastel hues not normally present in the natural red native flowers.