Bellflower Painting Video


I tried making a little video of painting my bell flowers:

These bell flowers volunteered in my shade garden and have naturalized all over the bed – I love their color and shape!!  I don’t know where they could have come from…I don’t know what kind they are.




Shirley Poppies


A few poppies in shades of pink – The ‘Shirley Poppy’ encompasses a cluster of selected strains of a specific poppy – Papaver rhoeas. It’s name comes from the village of Shirley, England, where the first strain was discovered in the late 1800’s.  They are selected for the pastel hues not normally present in the natural red native flowers.


Painting Flowers



We’re having a rainy spell…days of clouds, mist, spurts of sunshine.  Tonight is the Flower Moon – last full moon that could bring frost to our gardens.  Then it will be safe to plant our vegetables and tender annuals outside!!  I’m delightfully torn between my love of painting and my love of planting ; )

Do you have twin passions?  How do you divide your time?  Is it seasonal, day vs. night, or parts of the day?

Coral and Pink Poppy


I will never tire of painting flowers – and poppies are my favorite flower!  I love their forms and colors: reds, corals, and pinks!  I started 50 seedlings again this spring…I’m not even sure where I’ll plant them all.  I did some lavender somniferum and red orientale early and I have california and shirley poppy seeds to plant out.

What’s your favorite flower?



Lady Slipper Orchid



An evening of painting is so therapeutic!  These pink lady slippers grow all over my Mom’s property – she shared a plant with me a few years ago and every year I look forward to it coming back!

Creating a Repeat Pattern



I finished my blue florals and made a repeat pattern with them – I use a free editing software called GIMP.  I scan the original painting as a TIFF so that I can manipulate size/cropping/etc. then I create the pattern frame by frame, adding in extra little ants ; )  Here’s what the program looks like:

Fullscreen capture 3282017 62556 PM.bmp

After I’m done making little adjustments, I save the finished pattern as a JPG.  Now the pattern can be applied to all sorts of products in my Society6 shop.  (I hope to make it available on Spoonflower as fabric too!)

Saved Pictures5

(You can see all the other fun products in my shop HERE.)



Painting Blue Florals



I tried to capture a few *action* shots of my painting – I’m working on a floral pattern in blues on this cold rainy day.  I have violas, bell fowers, lobelia, larkspur, and a himalayan poppy.  I’m planning to make a repeat pattern out of this when I’m done ; )