Trillium sessile



Not from one of my gardens…I do hope to get one someday though!


Lost and Found

Toad Lily
Twin Leaf
Clintonia, Starflower, and Mayflower

I sometimes missplace a drawing – stuck in a journal, notebook, or tote and forgotten until the next time a reach for that tote/book – so here are a few I found from last month in a journal I’d stashed in a tote for back-and-forth to the Dyslexia Center.  I sit and draw while my son is in his tutoring sessions.  I was anticipating some of my favorite spring wildflowers that would be blooming – now they are and it’s the perfect time to be painting these!

Trillium sessile





I always plant a few pots of pansies – I try to pick the flowers that smell sweetest and I always get some johnny-jump-ups if I can for my Johnny (they’re his favorite flower).  So, I was inspired to make a pansy repeat pattern!  I love all the blues, violets, and peeks of yellow!




As children my sister and I called them monkey faces ; )  They’d be fun all over some leggings, a travel mug, shower curtain, etc.  Which is better? Large or small scale?  I never am sure, depending on the product!  What do you think will look the best?  I’ll share the results in the next post!




I was able to buy a bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) at a plant nursery last year and eagerly await it’s blooms this spring!!!  I planted it along the edge of our woods where it gets dappled sunlight and undisturbed leaf litter – my one fear is the dear eating them…so I’m keeping a close watch and may stake a cage around them if necessary!

Bluebead Lily



Also known as Clintonia borealis – with some wood anemone, and wintergreen…looking forward to seeing these blooming in the woods soon!  My absolute favorite is hunting for the woodland wildflowers in the spring!

Snowdrops and Violets




Dreaming of spring…it will be a few more weeks before the snow even starts to melt properly and these flowers can have a chance to start growing!  I’ll know the time is near when the ladybugs start coming out from their winter hideaways – they cram into the nooks and crannies for winter and then when it warms up enough they come out – I always get a bunch congregating in the window of my bedroom – don’t know how they find their way inside!  I collect them in a jar and bring them outside to release them.  They’re a beneficial bug – they eat aphids and other parasitic insects.

Stylized Florals



Just having fun with flower shapes and colors!  March is a funny month in Maine.  It’ll be warm and sunny and all the snow will melt away, then the next day two more feet of snow will drop in a storm!  Yesterday we were sitting in the car, it was a nice sunny day, then there were little balls of hail falling everywhere for a minute, then the sun came back out!

Stephanotis Vine




Another flower painted for my flowering vine series!  Stephanotis.  I got a potted vine for each of my mothers on Mother’s Day a few years ago and they give me reports about how the plants are getting bigger and keep flowering periodically!  The vines have had to be repotted as they grow bigger ; )

Sweet Pea Vine



These winter skies cast a grey light in my photos!  Ah, well – at least spring will come soon!  I’m looking forward to seeing these pink sweet peas in my garden again.  They’re a perennial pea, or Everlasting pea.  They don’t have any frangrance like the annual sweet peas.  It’s a vigorous growing plant that will readily reseed and spread.  I put it by my front door where it gets all the hot, direct, summer sun and it has thrived!  It reaches 8 feet tall and blooms happily.  The hummingbirds like it too ; )

Cup and Saucer Vine


I’m picking up an old personal project again – I’d started a series of flowering vines in the fall and this one got inked in and then sat waiting for paint the last couple months!  So far I’ve done Honeysuckle, Blue Morning Glories, Clematis, and Burple Bell Vine…do you have any favorite flowering vines you’d like to see illustrated?  My Mom already wants me to paint another blue morning glory because I sold the other one last week.  She wants her own to hang up on the wall ; )