Monarch Muse




I planted milkweed in the garden bordering the front of my house. It’s visited by monarchs all through the summer and I always enjoy seeing their life cycle unfold before my eyes! I wanted to create a repeat pattern for my Society6 shop – to show their host plant and life cycle. I was fortunate to find a couple caterpillars to make their chrysalids on my porch where I could watch them every day!



I have the repeat pattern available in my Society6 Shop – I love the curtains ; )





One of my favorite moths is the luna moth.  They’re so graceful and such a lovely green color!  I was in a mood to play with words too – alliteration!  It would be fun to develope this into a poster with fun fonts/graphic appeal – but I have no idea what it would be for!

Promethea Moth



I was inspired by autumn’s brown and golds for this moth illustration.  I’m hoping to see one of these in real life someday – maybe this summer!  Promethea feed on most of the trees we have around here.  I’m going to hang a white sheet on our porch this summer to lure the moths in for observation.  I’ve seen polyphemus, lunas, and many smaller moths before….I’m equipped with my Peterson Field Guide to Moths in North America.  I’ll let you know how many of the different moths I get to see!



Musical Butterfly



My Mom is a piano/music lover and has her own baby grand in her music room where she teaches classes at home.  She’s been an inspiration for me to pursue what you’re passionate about.  She asked me to paint her a musical butterfly almost a year ago – so that she could order an illustrated tote and travel mug to bring to her lessons (she also teaches at a local music store).  I’m finally framing the original to hang in her class room at the store!


Imperial Moth

I started working on an Imperial moth yesterday – the many hatch lines and stippling points are a medetatively repetitious exercise.  The lines and points have a textured look – like real moths wings have – all the tiny little scales that make up the designs on the wings!  It would be fun to do one of these illustrations with a real specimen to look at some day ; )




Moth in Bark Tones

A new muse for the technique of stippling!  This pug moth has colors to match the bark on a tree – perfectly camouflaged against the textured surface in their glossy wings…so hatch marks and stippling captured the color/textures perfectly too ; )  I may have to make more!

Leaves – Not!

I put the finishing touches on this poster of animals and insects that look like leaves: Children’s stick insect, Dead leaf butterfly, Four horned Sphinx caterpillar, Imperial moth, Stick insect, Indian leaf butterfly, Lamphun leaf insect, Katydid, Longnosed horned frog, and Leaf tail gecko.  This poster is was a birthday present for my oldest boy – he loves all things insect and creepy-crawly related!






Flutterbye Kisses

It’s a cold, dreary, rainy day.  The boys are doing their school and I’m doing my laundry.  But, here’s a pretty little painting I finished last night to brighten the day: a giant swallowtail and a black swallowtail.  I started it back HERE.

The black swallowtail visited our garden one year when we planted celery.  They like anything in the dill/carrot/cilantro family.  We enjoyed watching a chrysalis hatch HERE!

The Giant Swallowtail hatched HERE – such beauty in God’s creation and so special to be able to enjoy it up close and personal!