Two Desk Life


I have two desks now…my evening/night time (pictured above) that I have had in the corner of my bedroom.  It’s a great space and perfect for at the end of the day – after everyone else has gone to bed.  Then, I made a daytime desk for the dining room downstairs (pictured below) that will be closer to everyone and everything going on during the day.


The fact is, I rarely have spare time during the day to hide away in my room and paint…there’s moments here and there that I might take to sketch an idea or work on a painting in progress, so I needed a little, centrally located space – so I came up with this homemade “shelf-desk”.


My desk/studio upstairs has the storage space for all my art supplies and journals/paper, etc.  It’s where I do most of my painting – I can take more time for it in the evenings after everything else is done for the day.  Then, my daytime desk downstairs is for those times between cooking, cleaning, laundry, and gardening.  It has great light and it’s near to everything else I’m doing!





I’m trying out this little desk – unobtrusively tucked into the dining room!  We have a big dining room table and we entertain a lot of family and friends, so I needed something simple and compact.  I made this little “shelf-desk” out of plywood and 1×4″ boards.  It just sits on top of an existing table I’d had my plants on this past winter.  I still have my desk, HERE, that I love and use mostly in the evenings – but I wanted to utilize this beautiful light that comes in the window!  And, it’s nice to be close to everything happening at home during the day ; )

So, I have a daytime desk tucked into life downstairs…on a trial basis – oh, but I love that light!


Summer Days






Here are some snapshots from the last few weeks – I know I’ve been quiet here lately!  I’ve been enjoying the outdoors: sunshine, flowers blooming, bird’s singing, blue skies…making the most of every moment of summer!  I’m trying to capture the flowers on paper as they are blooming out in the gardens ; )  And, of course, there’s still meals to make, laundry to do, cleaning, etc….its summer vacation – time for more of this good life!


Treats from Town


I treated myself to a little shopping trip!  My favorite lotions come from Crabtree & Evelyn – I’ve used their Rosewater lotion for 12 years now (It’s the only one that works for my sensitive skin) and I love the Gardener’s Hand Cream.  There’s a little store I go to, in a nearby town – about once a year – to stock up.  It’s a special treat for myself – the beautiful store and plenty of free samples…all packaged so pretty ; )  I brought home a bag full of goodies!





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Quiet Moments






Happy moments at home.  These are my happy places: flowers blooming, at my desk painting, sitting with a cup of tea and reading my Bible, enjoying the sunshine flooding in through the windows on my happy plants, and my little boys doing their school work!

My Essentials


Here’s what I must have with me anywhere I go – the essentials: wallet, phone, chap stick, lotion, small notebook and pencil – to write the grocery list or sketch an idea for an illustration.  The little notebook is a Midori style journal that I made for myself out of leather.  I cut down regular paper and fold it for my pages – endless refills ; )  The pencil holder, that I just got from Midori, is perfect for keeping my pencil safe in my bag.  The Beekman lip balm was a gift from my mother-in-law and I love it!  The hand cream from Crabtree and Evelyn was a gift from a friend (and I got another free sample from a recent trip to their outlet store)!   The lotion and chap stick are something I use often in this cold/dry climate!


What do you have to have with you?  What are the essentials in your bag?