Winter Palette + Kilo


These are all my favorite colors.  You’ll see them throughout my house, my clothes, the flowers I like, etc.  Even the carpet in my living room ; )  Side note: Kilo is perfectly at home on the rug too!



Summer Snapshots






Here are a few snapshots from the summer!  I finally got hollyhocks to grow successfully after 8 years of trying (they’re a very site specific flower) and I made the hollyhock dolls my grandmother taught my mother how to make ; )  Kilo is my new porch sitting friend.  We adopted her from the local shelter and she’s the friendliest, cuddliest cat I’ve ever met!  She follows me around the yard while I garden and tries to catch any crickets she can find.  The boys have started school, so we’re in Autumn mode now.  It’s been cool enough at night for some of the leaves to start changing on the trees already – summer retreats into the mellow lights of fall!  I hope you’re enjoying your end of summer and that the fall air brings you renewed energy and anticipation for the days ahead!


Building Project


We had a huge building project going on at home this summer.  My Babe built me a porch this summer ; )  This is what my house looked like at the beginning of our building project in May!  It’s nearly finished now.  There’s a bit of trim left to put up and I have a few more railings to paint.  It’s the biggest building project my husband has tackled yet and he did a beautiful job!!


Of course, I’ve already started decorating with pots of flowers and patio furniture I’ve been collecting.  My mom found a string of bistro lights at a yard sale – they give it the perfect welcoming touch in the evenings.


We all love the new porch.  It’s a great place to sit and relax and visit together!  It’s where I watch my bird feeders while I drink my morning tea.  I have a nice view of the yard, my flowers, the butterflies that visit them, and my bathtub water garden.  …I just had to sneak in a couple more pictures of my water lily ; )



(Next summer’s building projects include a set of new front steps!)

Two Desk Life


I have two desks now…my evening/night time (pictured above) that I have had in the corner of my bedroom.  It’s a great space and perfect for at the end of the day – after everyone else has gone to bed.  Then, I made a daytime desk for the dining room downstairs (pictured below) that will be closer to everyone and everything going on during the day.


The fact is, I rarely have spare time during the day to hide away in my room and paint…there’s moments here and there that I might take to sketch an idea or work on a painting in progress, so I needed a little, centrally located space – so I came up with this homemade “shelf-desk”.


My desk/studio upstairs has the storage space for all my art supplies and journals/paper, etc.  It’s where I do most of my painting – I can take more time for it in the evenings after everything else is done for the day.  Then, my daytime desk downstairs is for those times between cooking, cleaning, laundry, and gardening.  It has great light and it’s near to everything else I’m doing!





I’m trying out this little desk – unobtrusively tucked into the dining room!  We have a big dining room table and we entertain a lot of family and friends, so I needed something simple and compact.  I made this little “shelf-desk” out of plywood and 1×4″ boards.  It just sits on top of an existing table I’d had my plants on this past winter.  I still have my desk, HERE, that I love and use mostly in the evenings – but I wanted to utilize this beautiful light that comes in the window!  And, it’s nice to be close to everything happening at home during the day ; )

So, I have a daytime desk tucked into life downstairs…on a trial basis – oh, but I love that light!


Summer Days






Here are some snapshots from the last few weeks – I know I’ve been quiet here lately!  I’ve been enjoying the outdoors: sunshine, flowers blooming, bird’s singing, blue skies…making the most of every moment of summer!  I’m trying to capture the flowers on paper as they are blooming out in the gardens ; )  And, of course, there’s still meals to make, laundry to do, cleaning, etc….its summer vacation – time for more of this good life!