White Watercolor


I played around with whites today.  I finally got the Dr. Ph. Martin’s Bleed Proof White that I’d heard works so well.  I’d been using opaque white gouache for adding finishing details and highlights to my illustrations, but sometimes it took many layers to get the opacity I wanted.  This bleed proof white is just what I needed!


New Travel Palette!


Do you remember *way* back to the sample of watercolors I got from Sennelier?  I squeezed all the paint in those sample tubes into some half pans so that not a drop would be wasted ; )  The paints were perfect primaries for mixing and I had fun playing around with the sample colors.


Then, my Aunt gave me the Aqua-mini from Sennelier and I’ve used it since as my travel palette – compact and equipped with a little brush – perfect for little sketchbook paintings.  My only complaint was that there wasn’t much space for mixing colors or making washes…so I put a MEEDEN paint box on my wishlist that would fit 12 half pans!


Now I have all my Sennelier half pans in one set together – and still in a small enough tin to take anywhere/anytime!  It has plenty of spaces for mixing colors and I keep my travel brushes inside too.  I’m so ready for spring and getting outside to paint again now!

Phone Case – English Garden


DSC_5987.jpgI ordered a Society6 phone case as a gift for someone special – it has my English Garden print on it!  I took these pictures of the phone case before sending it out to a very dear girl!  It is well made and we’re both so glad it’s going to work great!  I’m impressed to see how well my art is printed on this product – the image is printed clearly with true colors!

Fullscreen capture 2112018 91813 PM.bmp

Find more fun items in my S6 shop!  HERE!



New Tool!



I’ve finally bought a light box!  It’s super thin, so I can fit it between pages in my sketchbooks if I need to, and it has 3 brightness settings (low and medium shown above) for different papers…it’s awesome!  I don’t have to draw up against a window to get light any more ; )  And, it’s just in time for a big project I have to do this month!  YAY!

Early Winter



The first snows have come making everything white outside.  I’ve been enjoying my green, growing plants inside and brought home a few new ones: a paperwhite bulb, and helleborus from Trader Joe’s – they bring me joy every time I see them!  I turn to baking this time of year too and did a little illustration inspired by apple pie: cinnamon sticks, vanilla beans, and an old New England variety apple!

Sister Time!



If it’s been a little quite here this month, it’s because my sister and nieces came out to visit from Oaklahoma for a few days!!!  We had such a great time ; )  I soaked up every moment and minute with them!

Original Paintings


I’ve just launched a shop to sell my original paintings and paper crafts on my Facebook Artist Page!  I have just a few of my paintings posted there right now, but I’ll be posting more from time to time!  You can find them all in my Facebook SHOP  : )


Of course, I also have my Society6 Shop with all my painitngs available for print or applied on many other products too!  They’re running some great sales all this month!

Meet The Maker Week

Who What Where When and Why?


I’m a homemaker, wife, and mother.  I’m busy with the daily life of homeschooling, family, friends, and church activities.  When I find some free time I like to paint with watercolors.  I’m inspired by the beauty of nature that I see all around me!



I’ve worked on many different projects this year: greeting cards, Birds and Butterfly memory game, coloring pages, etc.  I have a few more things in the works that I’m excited to see finished – stay tuned ; )


This year I’ve offered a free calendar wallpaper fo each month – for desktop, ipod, and iphone!  They’ve been fun to put together, so I hope to do it again for next year ; )


I have most of my paintings available for print and other products through my Society6 Shop.  I’ve been thinking about starting a shop page attatched to the website so that I could sell some of my original paintings…what do you think?

I also have a few fabrics available through my Spoonflower Shop – more to come soon!

I’m hopeful for more exciting opportunities to use my illustrations: greeting cards, books, games, calendars, fabric, etc.  Who knows what may happen in the year ahead!


Thank you all for being a part of this journey with me!  It’s such an encouragement to have this community of support!!