DIY Crepe Paper Hellebore

I did a little step-by-step, do-it-yourself, instructional on how to make crepe paper Hellebore flowers for the winter issue of Daughter’s of Promise magazine!

It was a bit of a challenge finding the proper shape/proportions for the flower’s center and petals etc.The developement process requires some trial and error, but by the 3rd flower I had the look I wanted – then it was time to make one from beginning to end, taking notes and pictures!

It was such a fun project! I hope it inspires some creativity and beauty during these long winter days! Have you taken on any new projects or are you learning a new skill this season?!

Fall Issue



This illustration is for a devotional about vessels.  The theme of this fall issue for Daughters of Promise magazine is ENOUGH and how we can know/have/are what is enough – as vessels to be filled and poured out.  Are we enough?  Do we believe God is?  Are we filled by His love, peace, joy, hope, and truth?  The style of illustration is folk art inspired and the magazine editor added the background color they wanted – I love the look of the dark background!  Can’t wait to sit and have a read through!



Henry and Emily Paper Dolls



I illustrated this girl and boy jointed paper dolls for inserts in the Daughters of Promise magazine Homespun – the summer issue featured articles about the simple joys of home, family, and creative play.   I took an hour yesterday and got Henry cut out and his outfit.  The pictures show how to fit his clothes and hat on:






He comes with a coffee pot, skillet, and bow & arrows  Emily comes with a doll and basket of flowers.  They each have an everyday and dress set of clothes.  I used a #2 on my gauged hole punch, and little metal brads from a craft store.  The inserts were printed on a nice thick quality paper – great for making paper dolls!  You can print your very own Henry and Emily with a download from DoP shop – HERE!



Gardening Girl



Here’s my original painting of a barefoot gardener with her basket full of vegetables – illustrated for an article in the summer issue of Daughters of Promise magazine!



I love how it looks printed – such a great article to illustrate for Living the Good Life at Home by Ann Schrag.  The article is a beautiful reminder to love the work of homemaking ; )


Magazine Illustrations!










This is some of the illustration work I did for the Spring issue of Daughters of Promise magazine!   I had so much fun working on each of the illustrations!  It was great to have a spring palette on my desk in the middle of January and to be painting songbirds and butterflies on the coldest days of winter ; )  The cover art with spring flowers and a tiger swallowtail got the project started.  The spring issue was STORY – so the renewal, rebirth, and transformation of nature in spring tied in beautifully with the narative of our life stories.  Those thoughts prompted a late night session that produced a girl reading *her story* and the way the birds and flowers coming out of the story are also who she is at the same time…my kind of art/poetry I guess ; )  It’s so exciting to see an idea and painting become printed and part of a publication!  I did the opening and closing page illustrations, 6 title page illustrations for the catagories, and a coloring page of a garden/landscape that covers two pages.  Such a great collaboration of writers, editors, illustrators, and artists – so much fun to be a part of!

Magazine Cover!

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Introducing the STORY issue: – A story is defined as “an account of past events in someone's life or in the progression of something.” Stories are powerful. Recounting the details of an event helps us to sort out its importance and gain understanding. Exploring our own personal narratives can bring healing and clarity. In this issue, we explore the Grand Narrative of the Gospel, the greatest Story ever told, and the one that ultimately gives meaning to our own. Our stories can be lived with grace and hope; we hope this issue equips you for that. – This issue is one of our favorites, for its rich written content and beautiful, vivid illustrations and images. You'll notice something new right away: an illustrated front cover. This is a first for us, but it is so fitting for the theme of transformation and growth. It is part of an original series by @evashorey, created specifically for this issue. We love her work and know you're going enjoy it too. – The Story issue officially releases March 19, but you can pre-order your copy now! Click the link in our bio and select the first option. Over the next 2 weeks, we'll share sneak peeks at the articles in this issue; but you can get a little glimpse today – swipe right!

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I’m so excited to see my illustration I made for the spring issue of Daughters Of Promise magazine!  It was so much fun to work on…I can’t wait till the printed cover lands in my mailbox!!!

Here is the original illustration done in watercolors and ink:  I love these spring colors! The swallowtail catarpiller is there along with the butterfly to show the story of transformation and growth.DSC_6126.jpg


Of course, I could only show peeks of what I was working on back in January…and I look forward to revealing the rest of the project soon!  Stay tuned ; )