Nature Journal Pg. 7


Did I really start this journal 3 years ago?!  I certainly haven’t been rushing to fill it…but at this rate it’ll be another three before I’ve finished ; )  It’s blueberry season, the tiger lilies are just starting to bloom, the echinacea has been popular with the bees, and I found the most delightful little frogs in our marshy area behind the house!



Nodding Trillium



Getting a page done in my nature journal!  These were blooming in the woods earlier this spring and I drew them in my nature journal, but I hadn’t taken time to paint them until now – after the rush of spring planting, then weeding and watering…the woodland flowers all bloom so early in the spring because they want to maximize their time in the sun before the leaves of the trees fill in and the heat of summer arrives!

Nature Journal 2018




I started a new nature journal to document what is blooming in my own yard throughout the year!  It’s been a busy couple of weeks for the woodland flowers – my favorites!!!  After the rush of flowers is over, maybe I’ll have time to paint all the illustrations ; )




Guess What?!



That’s my work you see on those pages!  My illustrations have been printed in the Shelter issue of the Daughters of Promise magazine!!!  So excited to be a part of this beautiful publication and looking forward to reading the other stories in here!  I made these four illustrations of animals and their homes to go with the article that Marjanita Geigley wrote, titled Cozy Creature Cottages.  The article features animals with unique home building skills: beavers, prarie dogs, weaver ants, spiders, catherdral termites, and sociable weaver birds.  At the end of the article there’s a blank page for the reader to try making their own nature journal page ; )  So much fun to see it all in print!

(Back Cover)

You can check out their website HERE, or their instagram HERE ; )

Nature Journal


I worked a little on my nature journal over the summer painting the water lily that bloomed in my water garden, a fancy red cardinal that visited my bird feeder, and some blue morning glories.


Then I recorded all the different types of seeds and seed pods from my flower gardens – such an assortment and variety!  Marigold, calendula, nasturtium, foxglove, snapdragon, sweet peas, cornflower, begonia, pansy, cosmos, oriental poppy, opium poppy, petunia, holly hock, zinnia, sun flower, and morning glories.

Nature Journal

My son snapped this picture of me painting a detail of the orchid flower in my nature journal. As summer ramped up with activity, my nature journal got a little behind…but I sat down to do a little here and there!

I added a few things to my no. 5 page: blackberries, monarch and milkweed, goldfinch at my feeder, pinesap and helleborine orchid.






Nature Journal pg. 3 + 4

5dad2-dsc_1952Spring is full swing and there are more things flowering around the yard: marsh marigold, jack-in-the-pulpit, Canada anemone and wintergreen…and I’ve had goldfinches at my feeders regularly!DSC_5247

I tried to illustrate all the different kinds of ferns commonly found around here: interrupted, cinnamon, wood, bracken, hayscented, sensative, and christmas…there’s just so many more too!



Nature Sketchbook pgs. 1 + 2

I found a little blank book at the thrift store and decided to do a little nature journal for this year.  I take a walk around the property almost every day, so I can sketch the native beauty I see here in this book. DSC_5246 The cover and first page: wood anemone, naturalized violets, phoebe egg, cinnamon fern, grape hyacinth and snowdrops, red maple flowers, and a baby acorn.
DSC_5243The next page in my journal: hummingbird, mushrooms on a stump, phoebe’s nest, budding lady slipper, blue bead lily, indigo bunting, and maple seeds.  The indigo bunting is a new visitor to our yard this year!  I was so excited to see him that I went out the next day and got a bird feeder – he’s been a regular ever since!  Such a pretty bird and so shy.