Mouse and the Apple #2


Spring Flooding: Page 2

“One night it began to rain.  It rained so hard all night that the little stream by mouse’s stump had flooded it’s banks.  When mouse woke up in the morning, he saw that water had come in under the door and flooded his house.  (Poor mouse!)  He got up and slushed over to the door and opened it to peek outside.  The rain had stopped, the sun was shining, and the stream was starting to go back to it’s normal size.  Mouse set to work cleaning up the water on his floor.  He took the rugs out to dry and mopped up the extra water.  It was very hard work.  It took all day!”


Work-in-progress: mouse waking up to see his room is flooded.


(Link to: Page 1)




Mouse and The Apple #1


Once Upon A Time: Page 1

“Once upon a time there was a little brown mouse who lived in a cozy old tree stump with a blue front door.  It was a lovely place with a big storeroom for all his winter foods.  He’d spent the winter quite happy by the fireplace reading his favorite books.  Mouse was sure that winter was ending.  He could see the snow was starting to melt.  Green was beginning to show on the mossy banks and the trees were putting out their buds.  Spring would soon be here.”


Here’s Mouse in his livingroom – painting is in process…I may work at all the illustrations as I go, but wait to finish them at the end, when all the final choices for what scenes to show/how/etc. are decided!


(There’s a very good reason for this little series of pictures.  You’ll see later – watch the apple!)




New Project – Sneak Peak!


For a long time now, I’ve had “illustrate a children’s book” on my list of goals.  I would voice every so often that I just needed someone to write the story and then I could make the pictures for it…then, a little while ago, my husband came home from work with an idea he said I should use to write my own children’s book – he told me all the major plot points and characters, the possible endings, etc.  I loved his idea and took notes on all the pertinent information.  Then I set to work writing the story.  I contacted an editor friend of mine and she helped me work out some kinks…I let the pages sit for a few weeks so that I could look at it again with fresh eyes.  I did some more revision.  Then, I let it sit again.

I’ve been waiting since then for the proper inspiration to come for the illustrations.  I did research and gathered images and did little sketches in a notebook when something clicked…so this year I want to start pairing the story with illustrations and I thought I could post them here as I go – like an old time serial!  A first draft of sorts ; )  Stay Tuned!



Boreal Owl and Hellebore


I’ve finally settled on a pallet for this season and painted this little guy, sleeping under the flowers.  My hellebore grow and bloom through the snow in the winter – I dig down and pick a few flowers for a vase on my window sill to remind myself that there is life, even in the cold, dark days of winter!  The boreal owl is a little guy and seldom seen in the northern forests of Europe and America – I’d love to actually see one some day!



Here’s my colors for my winter palette this year – all muted tones of blues, greens, pinks, and browns.  I’m starting another painting today with them!


Sparrow and Sunflowers


Autumn is beginning!  My boys have started school, the nights are getting cooler – clear crisp nights for star gazing – and I’ve seen some colors on the trees!   My sunflowers are getting heavy with seeds.  I’m going to save and dry the heads to put out for the birds this winter.  So, for my first Fall themed entry in my journal I did a sparrow on some sunflowers.  All of my birds sure do love sunflower seeds!


Nuthatch and Wild Carrot

I wanted to do a nuthatch for the next in my Birds and Flowers series – I’ve enjoyed watching them all summer – they stay in the underbrush and are very skittish.  I had to think about it for a while before I could decide what flower to pair him with – I finally decided on wild carrot (Queen-Anne’s-Lace) for it’s understated delicacy.