Native Botanical Art Prints!


Finally!  I’m working on making these botanical art prints available in my Etsy Shop!  Yay!  Now you can purchase them individually or as a set ; )


I’ve been taking pictures for the shop listings and trying to compose a nice setting for the prints…trial and error style!




Native Botanical Collection

I’ve put together a collection of my Native Flower Botanical Series.  It’s in my shop HERE.  I like the idea of decorating with flowers from this series all together – I designed the rug to have 4 of the flowers: trillium, mayflower, wood anemone, and toad lily.  If I had a solarium I would have these pillows on my wicker, this rug on the floor, and the throw blanket on the bench swing…



Native Flower: Trillium

Here’s a pen and marker drawing of a trillium in black, grays, and brown…I did some contour lines, stippling, and cross hatching.  I really enjoyed working on this – I may do a series of wild flowers: may apple, jack-in-the-pulpit, toad lily, lady slipper, etc.

 (I’m not sure I like the title as part of the piece – so I’ve edited that out in paint.)