Trying to capture what’s left of the summer before it’s over! I can’t believe school starts in a few weeks! I’ve done a little drawing/painting in my sketchbook when I can:

I feel like we’re finally getting back to normal life after the cross-country trip. I miss the pace and activity of being on the road, however, there’s nothing better then sitting on my porch with my kitty and seeing the hummingbirds and butterflies at the flowers!

My geraniums have done beautifully this year! It’s one of the flowers my grandma Eva liked to grow ; )








I’ve been more in a doodle-in-my-sketchbooks mood lately.  Sometimes painting on final peices just feels to difficult, when there’s other things in life that need more attention.  The boys started school again between family vacations on the weekends ; )  It’s a big year for our 7th grader who is going away to Harpswell Coastal Academy for the first time.  That leaves just me and my 5th grader for homeschool this year!  I’m sad to say goodbye to summer…but time marches on and so must I!




I thought I’d post a couple photos of what’s going on in my sketchbook these days ; )  Winter is bringing snow apon snow and dangerously cold temperatures…so we’re staying warm inside together as a family!  I’ve started a new puzzle and the boys are playing Operation.  How is your winter going so far?!


Poppy Drawing


“Take that Poppy seed, for instance: it lies in your palm, the merest atom of matter, hardly visible, a speck, a pin’s point in bulk, but within it is imprisoned a spirit of beauty ineffable, which will break its bonds and emerge from the dark ground and blossom in a splendor so dazzling as to baffle all powers of description.”  ~ Celia Thaxter

One of my favorite flowers are poppies – all sizes and colors!  I’ve always loved how delicate and resplendent they are!  I try to plant a new variety in my gardens each year ; )








Some pages from my sketchbook over the last couple weeks.  My sketching fills the “free time” I have while I devote more “working time” on a bigger project – a sneak peak and details to come soon on that!



I had the idea to make these jointed dolls last fall and finally did a few doodles to work out how they should be jointed, etc.  This lumberjack and lumberjill are loosely based on my husband and I – neither of us are involved with wood industry except to burn it in our wood stove when the power is out ; )  I thought it would be fun to do the plaid flannel and L.L. Bean boots…a long-time Maine tradition.  We went to the  Great Maine Lumberjack Show last summer while we were on vacation and it was such great fun!