Red Repeat Pattern

A few ideas from my sketchbook…then match those with colors inspired by the reds and golds of sunset. I filled the paper with whatever caught my mind’s eye.

I wanted to stay with a warm color palette – reds, oranges, yellows, and plums. I don’t actually like reds very much and don’t use them often. I tend to use pinks and lavenders…so this was to force me to use brighter colors as much as I could!

It’s sort of a disparate assortment of items from all the seasons. Hopefully that means it will be multi-seasonal! It would be fun to do another one of these in a cool palette – blues and violets? What do you think?


Handheld Bouquet


I tried something new for this painting – watercolors first instead of ink.  I usually ink in the lines first, but I thought it would be good to try something different…now I can’t decide if I should ink it all in, just some of it, or none of it!  Maybe just the hand…

Little Goat


I just penned in the lines for this new illustration – inspired by friends who have kept goats for years.  They start having the newborn kids about this time of year!  Such fun little animals – our boys like to frolic and play with them!


Flower Alphabet

I started making these cards last spring because the ladies at church were sending messages off to some of the sisters away on missions work – they assigned us each a letter to make into a card.  When all the cards are put in order they spell out “We Miss You” or “God Bless You” etc.  I thought I should go ahead and make a card for each letter of the alphabet…eventually – a sort of ongoing project ; )

So far I have A-anemone, I-ipomoea, and now G-gardenia.



Spending time today with my favorite books – about wildflowers.  I love flowers, I love gardening, and visit as many gardens as I can over the summer – but it starts with wildflowers – I started my own garden of wildflowers when I was a little girl.  It was set on the banks of a gully with ferns all around – my prize flower was a red trillium.  I had blue bead lily, mayflower, star flower, bunch berry, etc.

My Grandmother gave me her wildflower book years ago.  I used it to identify plants when I went for walks in the woods out behind my parent’s house.  It became so fragile that I now keep it safe on the shelf and instead take a Peterson’s field guide with me on my walks.

So. I did this little painting of a trillium – in remembrance of my first little garden!




Flora or Fauna?

I’ve put down the first washes and a few details for this latest poster I’m working on – insects and animals that look like leaves!  It’s for my oldest son who loves exotic animals and is studying biology in college.


I’m hoping to get this finished for his birthday on February 2nd!




Work in progress: Black Swallowtail and Giant Swallowtail – underwings shown.  I’d only known of the tiger swallowtail which is common here in New England.  Then I grew celery and attracted the black swallowtail – they come for parsley, dill, carrot, etc.   Then I planted a ‘gas’ plant (Dictamnus Albus) which is citrus enough to attract the Giant Swallowtail – they come for orange, lemon, etc.  I love all butterflies and moths and keep track of what I see in my field guides.